The race that stops a nation …

When I was living in New York I was often asked what I thought was a difference between Australian and American culture. I often cited, as an example, the First Tuesday in November. In America it is Election Day while in Australia it is Cup Day.


The biggest race in Australia is the Melbourne Cup. It is also a public holiday!

For over a hundred years the race has run on the First Tuesday in November. It started off as ‘cupday’ and became a carnival.

Innovation in fashion is also the name of the game. In 1965 the world media saw ‘superfilly Jean Shrimpton’ give birth to the ‘mini-skirt’ at this carnival.

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One thought on “The race that stops a nation …

  1. Many moons ago..
    I remember seeing a security armoured vehicle stopped in the midst of Pitt St.. doors open, no guards to be seen. nobody there.
    The Melbourne Cup race was running..
    and after the race was run.
    The guards emerged from a building (watching the televised race?), the vehicle was secured and life moved on

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