School of Sports Thinking at Australian Sports Commission

The Australian Sports Commission (Ausport) last week invited Michael to work with representatives of the 30 top sports in Australia–including all football codes, polo, speed skating, basketball and pool sports–to help them think of better ways to develop their sports.

Introducing them to SOTs School of Sports Thinking program these sports managers received new software for their brain and current techniques from cognitive science.

Michael said, “Since the brain is the biggest sports muscle in the human body, acquiring virtuosity in Sports Thinking is an important part of strategic development in any competitive sporting environment–both on and off the field”.

Ausport’s Tom O’Connor described the workshop on Sports Thinking as “fantastic“. He said, “Feedback from the attendees has been overwhelming. cvs2bvs is being raved about everywhere. We are bound to do some follow up work in this area of sports thinking”. Ausport already promotes four main virtues in Australian Sport:


Operating within the spirit of the rules, never taking an unfair advantage and making informed
and honourable decisions at all times.


Recognising the contribution which people make to sport, treating them with dignity and consideration, as well as caring for the property and equipment they use.


Taking responsibility for one’s actions and being
a positive role model at all times.


Encouraging healthy and safe procedures,
preventing and reporting dangerous behaviour,
while demonstrating concern for others.

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