GALLUP: After Nobel, Support for Gore Presidential Bid Remains Limited

GALLUP NEWS SERVICE, PRINCETON, NJ — Former Vice President Al Gore has added the Nobel Peace Prize to the collection of awards he has won this year, which also includes an Academy Award and an Emmy. Speculation about his presidential intentions has only increased following his Nobel win.

A new USA Today/Gallup poll, conducted this past weekend after Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, shows a slight bump in Gore’s favorable rating.

There had not been a large groundswell of support for him to run for president prior to last week, and that remains the case.

Gore’s standing in Gallup’s Democratic nomination trial heats is little improved following last week’s Nobel Prize announcement — he remains in third place and his support is no better now than it has been throughout much of this year.

Americans are more inclined to say Gore deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize than to say he did not deserve to win it.

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