SOT Principal awarded Visiting Fellowship

michael.gif Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson was awarded the first Visiting Fellowhip in Innovation Thinking by the Biosciences Research Division at La Trobe University yesterday.

Professor German Spangenberg, Executive Director, presented the academic award at a meeting of 60 top scientists from around Victoria at the John Scott Meeting House at La Trobe saying, “In the context of global competition and knowledge-based economies, innovation has become more and more mandatoy. Dr Hewitt-Gleeson will be conducting School of Thinking programs at BRD to help raise the innovation intelligence of our division”.

Biosciences_Research_Division_Workshop_093_v4.jpg   Michael conducted the first half-day of the BRD X10 Project for these scientists yesterday. His first two lectures, of a series of ten lectures, were:

Darwinian Thinking and the cvs2bvs Brain Software, and

The GBB: Brain Software for going Beyond Critical Thinking.

6 thoughts on “SOT Principal awarded Visiting Fellowship

  1. Congradulation truth has prevailed. I know I will learn more from your school of teaching in the future. I am very grateful for everything you have tought me thank you, God bless

  2. Kudos. Outstanding! Way to go. You are a treasure of vast wealth to the global community. Go get’em Mike.

  3. Congrats to Dr. Michael Hewitt Gleeson. The people are slowly loosing the power of thinking. At this global scenario, Dr. Michael’s contribution is unique and great.

    I wish him All the Best in his new venture.

    P. Vijayachandran

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