Watch Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk on Creativity & Innovation …

“Creativity is the process of having original ideas, but there are several steps. The first step is imagination, the capacity that we all have to see something in the mind’s eye. Creativity is then using that imagination to solve problems — call it applied imagination. Then innovation is putting that creativity into practice as applied creativity.

There are several common misconceptions about creativity. The first is that people think that only SOME are creative. yet It’s in the nature of human beings that we ARE creative.

The second misconception is that creativity is about design and marketing. What the TED conference shows is that creativity is central to the practice of science and business and more. Creative initiatives should help you find what you are passionate about.

The third misconception is that you can’t do anything about it. Yes, you CAN cultivate creativity.”



Special Treat: Stop everything! Sit back, take a deep breath, relax for 15 minutes and enjoy one of the world’s best speakers on Creativity & Innovation–Sir Ken Robinson–who will entertain and inspire you and make your day.

4 thoughts on “Watch Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk on Creativity & Innovation …

  1. The best talk I have heard on education. Being the truth of what he says and implementing it in school is a different thing. School systems are a way to educate people for control. Anything else is washed out, beaten out of you before you reach high-school. And these days the authorities wonder why there is so much delinquencies. I don’t, the kind of education in place now has made young people they are, they can fit in anymore.

  2. This is indeed very entertaining and informative talks re:human capacity to creative thinking.

    I think the present system of education should adhere with the idea of
    Mr. Ken Robinson and includes this as one subject in the shool curiculum.

  3. I agree with Sir Robinson. I’m sure you agree with him too. But will the handlers and dispensers of “modern-day and -style education” agree? Slim chance, you bet.

    Questio is: Do they even know or see it this way?

  4. I’ve never regarded myself as being “creative”. i therefore found Robinson’s comment that we, all, intrinsically, are creative, an absolute eye-opener.

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