SEEKING: Director of VELS Thinking

SOTfavicon.ico is seeking to appoint a Director of VELS Thinking.

This unique appointment requires an outstanding leader who will be trained and then responsible for setting learning standards and achieving learning results in:

– Reasoning
– Processing
– Inquiry
– Creativity
– Reflection
– Evaluation
– Metacognition.

You will direct the delivery of VELS Thinking domain services that include:

• articulating the learning that students need to focus on for VELS Thinking
• monitoring their progress in the domain
• achieving the standards at the 6 different VELS Thinking levels
• coaching and providing other teachers with relevant teaching tools, learning activities and materials.

The Director of VELS Thinking will be an on-campus member of the faculty of a pre-eminent Melbourne learning centre. Your performance will be measured against SOT and VELS standards:

• defining what students need know and can do at different levels
• measuring their progress and growth
• assessing the needs of the program
• reporting on student achievement.

Remuneration Package: $90 to 100k range negotiable plus professional development training. Twelve month renewable contract.

NOTE: Successful applicant will be trained to meet SOT & VELS Standards.

To apply in writing, email your application and include two references to:
The Principal, School of Thinkingfavicon.ico

4 thoughts on “SEEKING: Director of VELS Thinking

  1. Interesting notion that creativity or thinking can be taught. Ponder how different the world would be if Picasso, Newton or
    Da Vinci could have had the benefit of a Thinking Curriculum.

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