6PR Radio interview: Thinker likes music …

jg.jpg Fun radio interview with Australian Thinker of the Year 2007, Professor Jenny Graves:

COMPERE: Do you hum a lot?
COMPERE: Do you really?
PROFESSOR JENNY GRAVES: Has that got something to do with thinking?
COMPERE: I think so, yeah. What kind of humming do you do?
PROFESSOR JENNY GRAVES: Well, I am a singer so, you know, I have music in my head the whole time. And sometimes it comes out my mouth and sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s alway there.
COMPERE: Give us an example.
COMPERE: Hey I’ll pose a question to you seeing you are the Australian Thinker of the Year. Which is the other side of the road?
PROFESSOR JENNY GRAVES: The other side of the road, I am looking at it right now.
COMPERE: [Laughs] Is the grass always greener on the other side, Jen?
PROFESSOR JENNY GRAVES: Yes, I think so. Every horse knows that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.
COMPERE: Ah, well, done. And now you’ll be going around Australia and everywhere you go now people would say, what do you think about this, Jen? And if you don’t have an answer you’ll be in strife.
PROFESSOR JENNY GRAVES: I’ll have to think of an answer, won’t I?
COMPERE: You will indeed. Congratulations.

Click here for the full transcript of this interview …

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