Think ‘website’ as key to crisis control

Ross Cambell author of Crisis Control says:

“Recent global crises have proven that the majority of stakeholders in an escalating crisis will seek ‘first response’ information from the website of the party involved. It will be immediate. It will be high traffic. It will be interactive. The Virginia Tech crisis website was a good example of this.

“Those companies that do not have crisis-ready websites and supporting technology may lose control of their message and their slow response adds another crisis to the original crisis. The crisis-ready websitite is the most essential drive of an organisation’s message strategy. It can be used for immediate warnings internally. Information updates. Victim support. Virtual media conferences. Community trauma and counselling support and, importantly, recovery plans and business continuity.

“And when cell phones fail, as they have often done in high traffic crises, SMS messaging has shown to still get through.”

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