Corporations and the Military and the T4T Strategy

Today was fun. I had been invited to give a lecture at the University of Melbourne entitled “Corporations and the Military: Strategy and learning, thinking and training”. This was in a course designed by Dr Jim Shields at the Education Faculty called “An Introduction to Strategic Management in HRD”.

It was supposed to be 45 mins but the class was keen and we doubled it to an hour and a half. They were on the ball so I taught them the T4T strategy (from Game Theory) which has been shown to be the best-scoring strategy in the world–time and time again. There is a certain insight that is necessary for the players to ‘get’ before they can use the strategy. I call that insight “TIT is coming” and I was pleased that the class grasped it in the time available. I’m sometimes asked to teach T4T to senior executives and they can find it counter-intuitive at first.

The TIT for TAT Strategy

I was introduced to T4T (TIT for TAT) by Richard Dawkins 30 years ago in his chapter called “Nice guys finish first” in The Selfish Gene. I’ve used it personally, ever since. I’m very happy with the results. I’ll write a piece on it soon.

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