The Escape Committee


This is the most difficult feat in thinking–how to escape from your CVS (Current View of the Situation) in order to search for a BVS, a much Better View of the Situation.

SOT’s First Ten Lessons are designed to help you to ESCAPE with the help of the virtual SOT Escape Committee. The SOT Escape Committee consists of myself and a simple lesson from the following thinkers:

Leonardo Da Vinci
Albert Einstein
Elizabeth Spelke
Douglas Adams
Irshad Manji
Maria Spiropulu
Richard Hoggart
Edward de Bono and
Sir Ken Robinson.

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  1. tried really hard to submit my request but to no avail. is this too good to be true. i really want to enrol and i need your help.

  2. Hi,

    I would like to enrol for the lessons. Please let me know when we can start.


  3. After years of searching, this is the program that exactly meet my needs; both personal and work developments. As a business owner and a teacher who desires to develop young children thinking skills.

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