Are you a right-eye or left-eye?

A person has two hands, two legs, two eyes, two cerebral hemispheres. But it is only at first sight that a human being is a symmetric creature. Firstly, we have a leading hand, the right one with the majority of people, secondly, we have a leading eye. Thirdly, the brain is functionally asymmetric: the left hemisphere (with the right-handers) is mainly connected with abstract-logical thinking and to a larger extent – with speech, the right hemisphere — with image sensitivity. See rest of article …

2 thoughts on “Are you a right-eye or left-eye?

  1. intetesting, turns out, I’m right handed with a left eye. ( See exericise given by reader after reading article ).

  2. I used to be right handed, but when I was in my teens I trained myself to be ambidextrous, to write with both hands, play sport with both hands and feet, which gave me a great advantage
    For me the article wasn’t so clear. I think it went over my head. I found myself wondering, whether people with either left or right eye dominant would read much much much quicker it they learned the skill of speed reading or photo reading, which is basically taking larger and larger chunks of information visually and not vocalising as you read.

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