The consequences are coming …

Consequences can be very difficult to forsee. Some conseqences are beneficial, some are detrimental. But, they ARE coming! We cannot escape the consequences.

Even experienced executives, scientists and statespeople have difficulty is seeing past the short term consequences of their decisions.

Especially when teaching children to think, who have no long term perspective, it is very difficult to teach them to consider the 5, 10, 15 and 20 year consequences of their thinking, decisions and actions.
Are you aware of the Law of Unintended Consequences?

Wikipedia says, “Unintended consequences are situations where an action results in an outcome that is not (or not only) what is intended. The unintended results may be foreseen or unforeseen, but they should be the logical or likely results of the action. For example, it is often conjectured that if the Treaty of Versailles had not imposed such harsh conditions on Germany, World War II would not have occurred. As such, war was an unintended consequence of the Treaty of Versailles … ”
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3 thoughts on “The consequences are coming …

  1. Whilst forsight is a fantastic tool it is by no means infallible, especially at the time a decsion is made. There are many outside influences that will have some bearing on the final outcome of the decion made. However, I believe that if you act in peoples best interests and truly want to impact others in a positive and meaningful way, more often than not the decisions you make and their eventual outcomes will be positive. Sometimes you have to just step out in blind faith.

  2. Unintended consequences must be logical results that were not considered. Is there any other explanation?

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