What are Americans thinking?

The Gallup Poll says that Iraq is clearly the dominant policy issue on Americans’ minds. It has been at the top of the list on Gallup’s most important problem list since March 2004. By a wide margin over any other issue, Americans say it should be the president’s and Congress’ top priority. In general, Americans have been more likely over the past two years to say that U.S. involvement in the war was a mistake than favor it. Americans perceive that the war is going badly. A strong majority of Americans favor the eventual withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, but there is no agreement on exactly when. Given four options, the majority of Americans opt for a phased withdrawal either within the next year or when conditions warrant. A smaller percentage favors “staying the course” or sending in more troops. A majority of Americans oppose the Bush administration’s 2007 “surge” in troops, and at least half would like Congress to pass a resolution and block funding for the surge. The majority of Americans believe that the benefits of “success” in Iraq are not worth the costs. Views on the war are sharply divided along party lines, with Republicans generally supportive and Democrats strongly opposed.

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  1. One has to examine the reasons why the US went into Iraq. Saddam was once a friend of the US govt. Now Saddam is viewed as a great enemy that needed to be got rid. Why the change. Saddam satisfied a need and then the situation change. Why? Big business & money talks. I guess the American see the truth behind the actions taken by the US

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