Software For Your Brain: Download your copy …

The best-seller Software For The Brain (Wrightbooks 1989) was first published 18 years ago in Australia and internationally and is now in its Fourth Edition. You can download your own copy here or at the bottom of this page. This book presents the ‘universal brain software’.



The Universal Brain Software is the thinking switch known as: CVS TO BVS.

This simply means that the Current View of the Situation (CVS) can never be equal to the Better View of the Situation (BVS). Or CVS ≠ BVS. When you use the Universal Brain Software your BVS can be ten times better than your CVS. CVS X10 = BVS.

5 thoughts on “Software For Your Brain: Download your copy …

  1. Help! This link didn’t work – can’t download my copy of Software for your Brain. What I get is this page. ???

  2. Oopsie! I DID get the download – thank you so much. I guess I better start thinking right away, huh? Eternally grateful for you, and for this software!

  3. Why a factor of 10? What is the logic? Why not 11 or 2? or any other number you can pluck out of the air! Or am I dumb?

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