Recipes wanted for boiled water

To illustrate that there is AWAYS an alternative way of doing things, in my masterclasses I sometimes ask members to give me their ‘recipe for boiling water’. It sometimes may seem there could be only one way but–we always do get a range of recipes and ALWAYS some are better than others.

DFQ: What is YOUR recipe for boiled water?

7 thoughts on “Recipes wanted for boiled water

  1. Well considering our bodies are made up of 90% water… recipe for boiling water is for someone in traffic to pull out in front of me, whilst talking on their mobile phone!
    That REALLY makes my water boil!

    Another recipe for boiling water is one my car developed this week:

    Purple Proton Satria
    One standard radiator- with faulty grill-thing
    One warmish day

    Combine all ingredients and travel, unsuspectingly, across town and water is guaranteed to boil by the time one crosses Greenhill Road

  2. if you were to bring science in the kitchen then my recipe would be

    4 balloons filled with Hydrogen gas
    2 Oxygen balloons filled with gas
    source of heat

    Add 2 jars Oxygen to 4 jars of Hydrogen gas in one jar at room temperature and tightly cover the jar. ensure there is no escape of gas. heat the mixture to boil at 100 degrees C. if you need it hot then that is it.

  3. Recipe for boiled water

    First, find a house that has a water spout, either one of your own or a rented one (house I mean). Get you a 3 quart saucepan. Stick it under the water faucet and turn on cold water. Using cold water gives you more flavor and takes a little longer to cook. Put it on the stove, any kind will do, even an open fire if you do not have a stove. Be careful to not overstir cause you might knock out the sides or bottom of your pan. One thing about boiled water is that you dont need any fancy spices or flavorings to make it taste right, just use it right out of the pan. Dont forget to turn on the fire under the pan. Cook long enough to suit yourself. If you like it hotter,let it boil alittle longer. Steam isnt good to use as boiling water, whatever you do, dont get interested in something else and forget your water. If you do it will evaporate into steam and you will have to start all over.
    Dont let it burn either, that is the MAIN thing….
    From an old hand written cook book put together for a church group in the 30s. All the ladies were from OK.

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