Thinking and leadership skills to be taught at Melbourne Grammar

Paul Sheahan, Headmaster of Melbourne Grammar School, has invited SOT Principal, Dr Hewitt-Gleeson, to be a Council Member of the Leadership & Learning Council which is a very innovative project for bringing thinking and leadership skills to the MGS community.


• New MGS Learning & Leadership Centre currently under construction

2 thoughts on “Thinking and leadership skills to be taught at Melbourne Grammar

  1. Make sure to incorporate the ART of creative thinking into your work because so many young people in the left-brained linea world of education are now Magical Chidren in Exile who have been indoctrinated beyond rescue into the Westminster system of montionless, sit-still-eyes-to-the-front Thought-boot camps called “Eduation”…facilitated by grown up former Magical Children now in Exile..called Teachers….

    See Jungs references to the Mandala as a powerful tool for accessing evolutionary and revolutionary thought and ideas….

    Magical Child in Exile Rescue Officer

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