What are we teaching our 5-year-olds?

Recently a parent wrote this letter to the Head of their 5-year-old’s private school (Christian).

“I have been meaning to talk with you about Denise and my concerns regarding Campbell’s attitude towards religion, in particular what he is perhaps learning in the classroom. I’d like to understand just what is being taught to Prep students as our concern is over his comments that “God is right, and God is the boss etc”

These comments may just be nothing more than an innocent 5 year olds misinterpretation of what is actually being taught — and fair enough if it is. But my view is that there is nothing more damaging than brainwashing a young child with the absolute right versus wrong of religion. I’d like him to be able to grow up and decide for himself what he wants to accept and believe without interference from his parents or his school.

I’d appreciate the chance to learn more about what is being taught in the classroom as far as religious studies goes and then at least be given the opportunity to be able to choose whether or not Campbell participates.”

One thought on “What are we teaching our 5-year-olds?

  1. Michael, I’m the parent you refer to in the post. What I find disappointing is that even from the most basic commercial and customer service standpoint, not one person from the school has responded to my note – which is now 4 days old.

    My reality (not perception) is that I am a customer with an issue. How the school handles this is sometimes far more important than the actual issue itself.

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