Dr Brian Anthony Monahan LThD(SOT)hc

Upon recommendation of the Council of the Graduate School of Thinking the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Lateral Thinking (LThDSOT) Honoris Causa was conferred on Brian Anthony Monahan at a special luncheon at The Melbourne Savage Club On Tuesday, 17th October 2006.

His citation read, “in recognition of your world class innovations in advertising, your thought leadership in bringing these innovations to the marketplace and your service as Chairman of the Council of the School of Thinking over the past ten years”.

Nicholas Holt Esq of Rigby Cooke Lawyers noted that, “it was indeed a most enjoyable occasion in a superb setting with excellent food”.


– SOT Principal (right) presents award to Dr Brian Monahan (left)

How to be a genius …

The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance

This is the first handbook where the world’s foremost ‘experts on expertise’ review our scientific knowledge on expertise and expert performance and how experts may differ from non-experts in terms of their development, training, reasoning, knowledge, social support, and innate talent.
General issues that cut across most domains are reviewed in chapters on various aspects of expertise such as general and practical intelligence, differences in brain activity, self-regulated learning, deliberate practice, aging, knowledge management, and creativity.


The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance
Edited by K. Anders Ericsson
Florida State University
Florida Institute of Human & Machine Cognition

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WHAT: How To Multiply Your Business By Ten!: A 120-Minute MasterClass with Michael Hewitt-Gleeson. Michael is the author of The XIO Memeplex: Multiply Your Business By Ten! (Prentice Hall, 2000).

WHO: SOT Members & friends; teachers of thinking; executives and entrepreneurs; others who are interested in raising their innovation intelligence.

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Nemo Nascitur Sapiens Artifex – No-one is ever born a skilled thinker.

Is art society’s strongest link between the past, the present and the future?

Artist grants gallery $16m vision of future
– The Australian

JAMES Gleeson believes that art is society’s strongest link between the past, the present and the future. And to ensure the grand tradition of Australian art continues well into the 21st century, the painter is putting all of his money – $16 million of it – where his mouth is.

In what is by far the biggest monetary donation received by the Art Gallery of NSW in its 104-year history, Gleeson has pledged his entire estate to the Sydney landmark.

“I thought about it quite seriously for a long time, and I decided that it was the logical thing for me to do,” said the 91-year-old, who is considered Australia’s pre-eminent surrealist painter.

“Art is my main reason for existence, really. I just love what man has made to satisfy some aesthetic instinct and need, and I think there should be more of it. It is the great connecting link between the past and today.”

Bee brain researcher wins science prize

A BEE researcher who used the insect’s precision flying systems to overhaul robotic aircraft navigation has won the $300,000 Prime Minister’s Prize for Science.

Australian National University Professor Mandyam Veerambudi Srinivasan is working with the US Army and NASA to design tiny craft based on his research of bees’ brains that could be used to explore Mars and reduce danger for soldiers on the battlefield.

Prof Srinivasan said bees were expert navigators despite their small size and brains the size of a sesame seed, and could be trained to navigate through mazes, follow coloured signs and distinguish between patterns to find food.

“What is amazing is these tiny creatures can learn something like that,” said Prof Srinivasan, who trained as an engineer in India but began studying flies and later bees “purely out of interest and curiosity”.

“Nature has evolved these systems through a million years of evolution.”

Governor is Patron of Club Melbourne

At the First Anniversary Dinner on 9 October the Governor of Victoria, Professor David de Kretser AC, addressed the Club Melbourne Ambassadors as their new Patron in Chief. The Club Melbourne Ambassadors are a group of leading academics, scientists and other leaders committed to bringing the world’s best thinkers to Melbourne through the hosting of major scientific and other conventions.

Both the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre and the Melbourne Convention + Visitors Bureau have joined to support Club Melbourne. Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson is a Club Melbourne Ambassador and will be hosting The Australian Thinker of the Year at the new convention centre in 2009.

Teaching Thinking in Victorian schools (VELS)

Our world and the world of the future demand that all students are supported to become effective and skilful thinkers. Thinking validates existing knowledge and enables individuals to create new knowledge and to build ideas and make connections between them. It entails reasoning and inquiry together with processing and evaluating information. It enables the exploration of perceptions and possibilities. It also involves the capacity to plan, monitor and evaluate one’s own thinking, and refine and transform ideas and beliefs.

The Thinking Processes domain as mapped out in the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) encompasses a range of cognitive, affective and metacognitive knowledge, skills and behaviours which are essential for students to function effectively in society, both within and beyond school.

Principals deny curriculum bias claims

AUSTRALIAN principals have hit-back at claims school curriculums have been hijacked by left-wing ideologues. Australian Secondary Principals Association (ASPA) president Andrew Blair said Federal Education Minister Julie Bishop was taking a populist position that would not help children.

He attacked suggestions there should be a greater emphasis on literacy and numeracy. “Is that going to prepare kids for the 21st century where we have new forms of numeracy and literacy? I doubt it,” he said. But Mr Blair welcomed a debate on whether Australia should have a national curriculum.