#20 DFQ

The Latin motto of the School of Thinking is:
Nemo nascitur sapiens artifex

In English, this means:
No-one is ever born a skilled thinker!

What do you think is the main insight to be gained from this motto?

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  1. We can all have the opportunity to become a skilled thinker IF WE CHOOSE TO. The thing is, after a lifetime of learning, can we change our habits?

  2. I can take the insight that nobody can start off with the correct skills to think skillfully, however to be a skilled thinker myself I cannot automatically take such a proposed fact to be absolutely true and must become a total sceptic who takes the most probable as fact but is very fluid with my mindset. There is always a change to improve on knowledge and I must be open to them if I see them.

  3. According to Aristotle man is born “tabula rasa” — a blank tablet. That being the case man has no idea how to use his mind since there is, at birth, no content. Simply put, all men must learn how to use their minds. Unfortunately, our schools do not teach us how to think. This course is apparently an attempt to close that gap.

    With regard to your disclaimer, I am “anti-religious.” You needn’t be apologetic to the theist. The belief in a supreme being is singularly repugnant to man’s intelligence and tends to destroy man’s thinking capacity rather than developing it.

  4. I believe it might mean that we are trained to think the way others want us to think even before we are born. We become a skilled thinker when we think for ourselves and not allow others to pursuade our thoughts and decisions.

  5. All thinking is manipulated by outside forces; the use of our senses and our own personal interpretations of the input received. Thinking, I believe, is innate to human beings (and possibly all other living things) and is molded by an individual’s environment.

  6. We are born with intelligence & thinking abilities; however, we must “learn” or be taught to use these abilities with skill.

  7. Skilled thinking requires practice, like playing scales on a musical instrument and playing various pieces of music on that instrument.

  8. we can all learn/be taught to think at a higher level and more importantly it is never to late to become a skilled thinker

  9. I think the main insight is that everyone has to learn to be a skilled thinker. It raises the question about how well we are taught to think in our schools and learning institutions.

  10. The spirit is innocent. We come to earth with a goal in mind. Our job from birth is to work out how we become that which we intend to become. This requires the developement of our critical thinking. Thinking which allows us to become that which we intended to become

  11. Each of us possesses the ability to be skilled in our thinking, it’s just a question of whether we take the time and find the tools to develop the skills.

  12. all the great people, the “thinkers”, of the past and present, did not come about being born as skilled thinkers, but rather all of them had gone through rigorous training of their brains to become skilled thinkers

  13. May-be some people are. There is more to genitics then most people realize. Quantum Physics, water a very basic molecule has a conscience. Try utube and ask for “water crystal” interesting video.
    If there is conscienceness at this basic level, and we are mostly composed of water and conscienceness can be transfered by thought process, isn’t there a possiblity at birth that a certain amount of skilled thinking can be transfered?

    PS Spelling is not my strong point

  14. We are not born with the conscious awareness of ‘who’ the thinker is … therefore without awareness of what ‘thinking’ is. We just think as a reaction to the environment. As we mature in consciousness we learn that we have the ability to think outside of the reactive automatism, outside of the box, we have the ability to choose our thoughts, to analyse, to compare and how we master this ability is a skill that is learned although I believe that we are born with the potential to consciously connect with this ability.

  15. Skilled thinking is an an acquired skill and can be learned through study and practical experiences

  16. No-one is ever born a skilled thinker as no-one is born a person. We become both by pursuit of both … happiness is found in the pursuit.

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