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I want to devote a separate lesson to discussing tenpower thereby giving it the importance it deserves.

If these lessons were just about theory, tenpower could be left out, but it’s really a training program about action. You don’t just want to know about cvs2bvs, you also want to be able to DO it.

Practice, Repetition, Rehearsal

It was revealed to me during my army training lessons, in the late ’60s, when I was a 20-year-old national serviceman draftee, how amazingly effective was the strategy of REPETITION.

Army instructors demonstrated its power by always having us use practise, repetition and rehearsals.

I remember thinking it odd, at the time, that an ambush was actually rehearsed in detail in the field before being laid that night. But why not? Ambushing is a skill and anything that is a skill can be dramatically improved with repetition and practice.

A pattern is something that is repeated more often than randomness or chaos. The architecture of a pattern is repetition. That’s why in a patterning-system like the human brain system, repetition is the most powerful learning strategy you can use.

That’s also why you’ll notice a great deal of repetition in this training. It’s not because I’ve forgotten that I’ve already discussed something with you. It’s to help build patterns in your brain so it becomes easier  for you to remember and use the software.


All this is critical when acquiring new skills. And, repeating things ten times is an excellent way to exploit tenpower.

No matter how much latent talent an individual may have, you don’t get to dance like this unless you’re willing to do the practise, repetitions and rehearsals …

Practice and Ageing

Researchers at the University of Kansas Medical Center have also found evidence that studying a musical instrument, which requires years of practice and learning, may create alternate connections in the brain that could compensate for cognitive decline as we get older. The neuroplasticity of the human brain is finally being more widely understood not only in the military and the performing arts but also in healthcare and parenting strategies.

You Can Choose Your Own Repetitions

There are, of course, many things in life that are not worth repeating. So, try and focus your repetitions on those things that are.

Ever since you were born advertisers and religions have used repetition to program your brain. So, you may as well use it yourself to embrace the patterns that YOU decide are most useful for your own brain. Take charge!

What is Tenpower?

Tenpower is the skill of using the powers of ten. Tenpower is a booster mechanism for your brain software. Just like enzymes that boost up chemical reactions or rockets that boost space shuttles, so can tenpower boost your brain software and greatly empower your thinking skills.

Tenpower is all about using x10 thinking. x10 thinking is also called ‘tentimes’ thinking. Or 10x thinking.

Alfred North Whitehead, the English mathematician/philosopher and co-author with Bertrand Russell of the great ‘Principia Mathematica’ said about ZERO,

“The point about zero is that we do not need to use it in the operations of everyday life. No one goes out to buy zero fish. It is in a way the most civilised of all the cardinals, and its use is only forced on us by the needs of cultivated modes of thought”.

Put-on a Zero!

A zero may not seem like much. If you add it or subtract it from another number, it makes no difference at all. A zero barely exists … until … you put a zero on the end of another number and, mirabile dictu, that number increases tenfold!

That is Tenpower! Even the Egyptians had a symbol for tenpower and maybe that’s why the pyramids are so big.

In cognetics, thinking is moving through think-space, the information universe, the cognos, by powers of ten. Tenpower can be used in any direction – moving out or moving in.

For example, with tenpower you can move from 1 to 10 to 100 to 1000 to 10000 to 100000 to 1000000 to 10000000 etc–or from 1 to .1 to .01 to .001 to .0001 to .00001 to .000001 to .0000001 and so on.

The Official Number of the School of Thinking is 10!

The habit of tenpower is the habit of using the number ten, the habit of adding a zero or the habit of multiplying by ten. By using tenpower you will equip your necktop with a very powerful booster which will give you an unfair survival advantage over others when moving through the information environment.

Now, sit back and relax and enjoy this excellent video about Powers of Ten

DFQ # 045:

How can tenpower help you create new brain patterns to evolve your thinking skills?

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  1. Tenpower can help me create new brain patterns by repeating things as we have already mentioned. I tend to forget the what we would often call less important things in life. If using 10power I can ensure to develop a new pattern which allows me to remember these things.

  2. Tenpower can create new beneficial brain patters by being a vehicle for thought expansion and ultimately a tool for choosing a BVS

  3. 10 power can help forge new brain patterns by repeating each decision I make 10 times. This will allow me to consume the decision is a robust way working towards a BVS for each decision I make.

  4. I will need to get into practice of pushing myself into the x10 region.
    I will need to ask myself “why not” when I look to produce the x10 factor.
    I will need to practice the habit of applying x 10 to everything.

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