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From zero to one to ten

Measurement is a very important skill for the thought-leader to develop. Let’s look at units of measurement. It’s very helpful, when trying to measure things, to have a unit of measurement. Having a basic unit of measurement means you can keep score and then compare one score against another.


For example, the whole metric system uses a number of units of measurement based on the decimal (or 10) system. We have metres, litres, dollars and grams. So, if you want to measure how far you have to travel to work you can do so and the answer may be 10 metres if you work at home or 10 kilometres if you don’t.

You can use dollars to figure costs and overheads and to help control them and bring them down. You can also use dollars to figure revenues and sales results and help move them up.

Metrics – Measuring Your Job

The more you can bring metrics or measurements to aspects of your job, the more you can take control and the more interesting your job becomes. What things can you measure in your job?

– Costs – eliminations, reductions or increases?
– Accidents/safety – lower or higher?
– Sales calls – more or less?
– Delivery times – longer or shorter?
– Wastage – less or more?
– Materials used – more or less?
– Industrial disputes – fewer or more often? etc.

Decimal Power

In the last lesson, we’ve already seen that a CVS can never be equal to a BVS. So, what exactly is a BVS?

A BVS is a decimal of a CVS. A CVS is also a decimal of a BVS. In other words, they are related by powers of ten. Sometimes a BVS is ten times smaller than a CVS. Other times it is ten times greater. From experience, it is often the latter, but not always.

By decimalizing (yes, it is a word) cvs2bvs we are introducing measurement into the brain software and we get more control. cvs2bvs now becomes a more useful brain app. Remember, cvs2bvs is decimal. In the cvs2bvs brain app we use the number ten.

The deliberate or habitual use of the number 10 is called Tenpower.

BVS = CVS x 10

The key to the practical use of this powerful perception switch – cvs2bvs – is the deliberate effort one makes to try to notice the BVS that is TEN TIMES better than the CVS.

So, for example, if your CVS is $1 then a BVS might be $10 (or it could be 10, if you owed $1). If the CVS is on one level, then the BVS can be found on a level TEN TIMES better than the CVS.

Ten times better may be ten times more, or ten times less, or ten units forward or ten units back. It’s the deliberate use of tenpower as a provocation to get you to escape from your CVS.

With practice, the “ten times” part of thinking just becomes easier and easier. This is what tenpower is all about. Remember, mathematically, there are always millions of possible options (literally!) but you must deliberately look for them to see them.

Tenpower helps you to switch patterns of perception. That’s all. While it is not important that the number ten is accurately used, its use is a powerful escape mechanism. Take a leap with tenpower.


Check out this amazing design project by Ray Eames.

The design genius, Eames, was commissioned by IBM to make this movie about Powers of Ten. When I was designing the brain software – cvs2bvs – back in the 1980s I saw this movie and was inspired to include the X10 element in the software, so it became cvs x10 = bvs as a result of seeing this movie.

This was made before computer graphics and here it is in its original presentation …

If the CVS is 1 gift, the BVS might be 10 gifts.
If the CVS is thirst, the BVS might be 10 mouthfuls of water.
If the CVS is one email, the BVS might be 10 emails.
If the CVS is one step back, the BVS could be ten steps forward.
If the CVS is ten steps forward, the BVS might be 100 steps back.
If the CVS is red, perhaps the BVS is green.
If the CVS is up, then the BVS may be down or even much further up.
If the CVS is to take, the BVS may be to give.
If the CVS is do it later, the BVS may be do it now.
If the CVS is 10, the BVS could be 100, or 1.
If the CVS is 100, the BVS might be 1000.
If the CVS is 1, the BVS could be one tenth.
If the CVS is where you are now, the BVS is take a quantum leap.

In thinking, rightness is not as important as movement. cvs2bvs, using tenpower, enables you to escape and to move through information at a rate never before possible with only logic. And, in a rapidly changing world, movement to a better viewpoint is much more important to the thinker than defence of a current viewpoint.

The reason for tenpower is because there are always risks in thinking. It can be risky leaving the safety of a CVS to go out in search of a BVS. But if the rewards are so great, so worthwhile – a true quantum leap, an order of magnitude – then the reward provides its own motivation. You can now have the drive to escape inertia to move towards a BVS.

The Think Switch


The habitual use of the number 10 gives a very useful measurement and a useful tracking and controlling device for the thinker or clever brainuser.  Powers of ten is an extremely powerful warp-speed for moving through the cognos, the information universe.

In the unlimited universe of thinkspace, powers of ten helps us escape from the gravity of our CVS and to move out of orbit and explore the cognos, looking for a BVS.

DFQ #044:

What is one metric, or measurement, that you can focus on in your job?

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  1. A measurement I can use for x10 in my job is responding to calls. I work on a help desk environment. This is a very specialised area for only a specific group of clients however I can always increase my response time.

  2. Respond to customer calls quicker then take the action quicker for a better customer outcome.

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