TD 13 – Further Reading …

Thank you for participating and I hope you have enjoyed these lessons discussing Darwin’s Theory and how it can be applied on a daily basis in your career, business and life. To strengthen your understanding of this amazing scientific theory don’t be afraid to review these lessons over and over again.

For further reading, I have put in some extra links below.

My best wishes for your personal survival and growth,


FURTHER READING – videos and other resources:

– Complete works of Charles Darwin’s

– Richard Dawkins Official Site

– Business book: Dealing With Darwin by Geoffrey A Moore

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13 thoughts on “TD 13 – Further Reading …

  1. Thanks for the courses. It has helped me to understand marketing a business in a little bit different way. It’s a new point of view and I know it will help me as I begin putting my own company together. Thanks again.

  2. Thank You, Again, Michael. Well Done! Well Presented! Well Documented! Well Applied! DONE = I’ve Been Memed!
    … and SO IT IS! …

  3. Thank You Michael for all your efforts in teaching me these life changing concepts. I endeavour to pass this onto as many as possible…create 10 x memeplex of SOT

  4. Thank you Michael
    It was a pleasure to learn all these beautiful things. I wish I could have learned them a year earlier, but then ‘its never too late.’
    I would also like to thank John Buchanan for introducing me to SOT and also MARK RAY for introducing me to John !

  5. Thank you Micheal for taking the time to teach these wonderful and sightful classes to us. It gives us food for thought, and though we might not be in a place of business to use thes particular lessons right now they will have an impact down the road as a memorable meme. We will relize we heard something somewhere and they will all click in, so hopeful you will have these still posted so that we may return at the point to brush up on these exciting tips and discussion than, and maybe just to come back and see how our thoughts have changed after putting them in to use.
    Again thank you for all your time you have put into this.
    I know I am walking away a lot smarter.

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