TD11 – Is X10 possible?

In 2000 I wrote The X10 Memeplex: Multiply Your Business By Ten! (Prentice-Hall). The X10 Memeplex consists of two X10 memes which co-operate to grow the business enterprise by giving it an unfair survival advantage over competing enterprises.

The first X10 meme–cvs x10–increases enterprise brainpower and the second–check x10–increases enterprise market power. X10 also gives the enterprise the big survival advantage of SPEED.

The first X10 meme is needed to research and develop a much better offer, one that is much more attractive to customers. The second is needed to get much better exposure of the offer in the marketplace, to create many more opportunities for customers to buy.

When customers are more attracted to one offer than to others and when that offer is more easily available than others then it has a unique darwinian advantage over its competitors.

Scale X10, Service X10 and Speed X10

X10 is always possible. The multi-faceted and highly unstable environment of the marketplace is always changing and no way of doing things can ever be the best possible way. There is always a much better way of scaling your business, a much better offer to make to your customers and a much faster way of engaging the market than ever before.

There are many aspects to the changing marketplace but three major factors are enough to keep us busy for the coming decade: the boomers, science and technology, and the wired world.

The boomers are the largest generation that ever lived. They are better-educated and more prosperous than all previous generations put together. They are now at their peak years of spending. Their cash is cleverer today than ever.

There are smartcards, 24-hour markets, ASX quick-listings, online trading, free flow of capital, and a teeming array of financial products and services. While there are short term corrections and even recessions in the market, in the longer term there are, for example:

– more buyers with more cash than ever before
– more boutique options than ever before
– more personal trainers than ever before
– more millionaires than ever before
– more equity employees than ever before
– more gurus than ever before
– more self-help books than ever before
– more private companies than ever before
– more ASX listings than ever before
– more shareholders than ever before
– more consulting than ever before
– more wealthy women than ever before
– more wealthy children than ever before
– more philanthropic benefactors than ever before
– more tax collected than ever before.

There are more scientists alive today than all those who ever lived in the history of the world.

There is more intellectual capital in the world to day then ever before. They have already created more novel products, more productivity machines and more life-changing techniques than ever before in history. There is now more machine intelligence in the world today then ever before. There are already, for example:

– more health services than ever before
– more mobile phones than ever before
– more bandwidth than ever before
– more online contacts than ever before.

The wired world of the internet there offers more individual freedom than ever before. There are less despots than ever and the growth of democracy is the most legendary political phenomenon of our times. Even with all the current problems and issues, the world is still a much safer place than ever before in history. With CNN the world is united in triumph and catastrophe. There are already, for example:

– more tourists than ever before
– more video cameras than ever before
– more leisure than ever before
– more Help Wanted ads than ever before
– more lifetime than ever before.

DFQ: TD11:

From these last ten lessons on Think Darwin! what is the most important idea that you personally can take away and experiment with in your own life and career?

182 thoughts on “TD11 – Is X10 possible?

  1. Our knowledge and our skills come from the others. we basically start thinking by inserting what could be copied from the others.
    Thinking and learning are both transferable, they expand our brain usage .If we get a growing brain usage ,then we could do lots of good things.

  2. That there are lots of amazing designs in nature using a very simple ‘darwin machine’ concept. All we have to do is understand how to set in motion a ‘darwin machine’ and perhaps also consider that memeplexes may improve the design.

  3. The ability to have an attitude to keep evolving in life and business and to never think you have learnt everything.

  4. For the rest of my life I shall have to constantly recall to mind that CVS#BVS, CVSX10=BVS, Escape + Search = Think, PRR and X10 all desirable outcomes.

  5. The idea of implementation.
    It’s one thing to think about BVS but its actually doing it that will make the difference. I find that I always fall back into the “I’m to busy and just need to get this done”. This is where I need to stop and think of a BVS and then do something about it.

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