#040 DFQ – Special treat

Sir Ken Robinson, is the world famous expert on Creativity.

Today’s nudge is a special treat …

Stop everything, sit back, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy one of the world’s best speakers who will entertain you, inspire you and make your day. This is one of my all-time personal favourites.

Here he talks to the TED audience about Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Your DFQ #040:

What is the most important thing you will take away from this lecture?

490 thoughts on “#040 DFQ – Special treat

  1. Humans have the power of immagination, we can use this power to rethink what has been done, we can immagine something better for our future

  2. Children will have a go, they are in a way fearless. Sometimes it’s just important to try and they do… We need to be wrong. Being wrong is not bad.

  3. The absolute importance of breaking away from the standard right-or-wrong, industrial/technological, geared education and turning instead towards an education system that recognizes, encourages, and values all aspects of creativity and thinking.

  4. Education should include the development of the whole child, their hope, and extraordinary capacity for creativity and not just concentrate on literacy as is currently in effect

  5. Creativity is an original idea that comes from looking at things from different perspectives. CVS2BVS.

  6. That to improve your capacity to think creatively you must “unlearn” what you have been taught historically and become receptive to exploring new ways of assimilating and processing information. This in turn will enable you to view every situation from new and different perspectives and therefore produce different outcomes. Success in this endeavour will enable you to unlock and realise your full potential in life.

  7. No one should ever fall under the influence of school. I mean, the rules set by the university or school are not absolute. Each person is unique. School should not play the decisive role in anyone’s life. We are supposed to develop our talents and be professionals in the spheres we fond of. We should change and improve ourselves as well as the policies in schools and universities. Effective thinking courses should be introduced in the framework of the curriculum.

  8. The most important thing I take away from this wonderful lecture is the understanding that people develop their lives according to the peculiar intelligence and creative inclination. Society and formal education, however, tends to box people according to the priorities of industrialism.

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