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Leonardo da Vinci, thinker, scientist, artist:

Life is quite simple: You do some things. Most fails. Some works. You do more of what works. If it works big, others quickly copy it. Then you do something else. The trick is the doing ‘something else’.

Your Daily Feedback Question – DFQ #02 (post your comment below):

What can you escape from today? What routine, thinking pattern or habit can you leave behind? What box can you think outside of? What ‘something else’ can you work on today?

Write a paragraph of at least twenty-five words about your thoughts on this DFQ.

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  1. Today, I am going to consciously work on finishing a task (especially the ones I least desire) before starting on something else!

  2. The something else I do today is ending ‘what I should have done’ and ‘ what I could have done’ monologue..

  3. Today I can escape from “the job”, that monotonous routine that starts all over again every day. The thinking habit/pattern I can leave behind is defending the CVS. What in that everyday routine can I think about and possible improve or change or replace? Can I get outside the “job” box and think outside the “business box?” I can work on creating my business today, now!

  4. If I am trying to find that ‘something else’, I guess there are a few ways I could go about this. 1. Look in the opposite direction. i.e. if I’m using a computer to solve a particular problem, I could perhaps pick up a phone talk to a person instead. 2. Merge two unrelated concepts together. i.e. cars on trains (Musk’s Traffic Tunnels). 3. Take a parameter of something I am doing now, then minimise or maximise it to see what happens. i.e. we train clients for two-four hours, then stop. What if we trained them for 10 weeks?

  5. The point of view that I need to escape from is that my opinion is right. Rather my opinion is the best I can do with the available information. I should then welcome other people challenging it because it might lead to something better.

  6. Today i had someone re-schedule , last minute a meeting that I had planned . I escaped from my cvs and thought it will be better that this discussion is post-poned , I will get a chance to do some more prep. It will also give me a chance to have some other discussions and incorporate that into the later date discussion.
    Also I escaped the point of view that its not personal !
    it is good practice to keep emotional balance and general well being.

  7. I had to think long and hard about this DFQ. I kept asking myself what is “the” current situation that I want to improve? The more I thought about it the more I realized that I need to look at my life in its entirety and improve all aspects of my life. Everything is open to improvement and growth. I want to improve my physical, mental, financial, relational, spiritual and emotional aspects of my life. It is not easy but it has to be done in a holistic rather than a piece by piece manner.

  8. The thing that I really need to get rid of is that ” one idea is master idea ” .. Iam trying to switch off thinking about it for awhile and looking harder for different one..
    asking other people around for different (new) thoughts. So that, it’s totally different aspects to get a new start.

  9. I find it is not often east to escape thinking patterns that are deeply imprinted on you. But with perseverance and dedication, this is possible. If I do this, I would escape the routine where is tend to do a certain task and then look at how I did it and what the results are. In fact, the better way I could be doing this is to plan ahead in time. I find that I usually, actually almost always jump straight in to what I need to do without planning. This is the routine I want to break out of and think outside the box to plan what the result I want looks like.

  10. A little like Craig, I would like to break the habit of a quick fix through typing an email. I continually despair at the lack of old school dialogue and problem solving through conversation and will look to engage 1 to 1 wherever possible. Particularly relevant in situations where an uncomfortable conversation is necessary

    1. Good point, Steve, as this one as a problem for us all. Emails may seem fast and easy but sometimes their two-dimension limitations drag things out for much longer than a face2face.

  11. I would like to break the habit of allowing (potentially inviting) interruptions in my concentration during my work day. I often have people stop by for a chat, and while these are generally work related the interruption in my train of thought sets me back on the task I was working on (takes time to get the right train of thought back). I’ve closed the door to my office while typing this to try and accomplish this, let’s see how today goes!

  12. In my work on peacebuilding, I have always this point of view that peace cannot be obtained without having the government as well as the liberation fronts agreeing and deciding on peace for the vast many. I want to escape from this point of view. I want to do something else – perhaps work directly with communities or young people who are not affiliated with either government or armed liberation fronts. That is something I might consider in the future. Also in my work of teaching young children how to think, my current point of view is that students come to a specific place at a specified time. I want to escape this point of view. I want to do something else. Perhaps an online course or training parents to teach their children how to think.

  13. DFQ are useful because they allow, or force me, to do the following:

    1) Read the issue or assumption at hand,
    2) Think through its possible meanings,
    3) Define what I think of it either logically, through emotions or experiences,
    4) Write down my thoughts in a way that makes sense to both me and others,
    5) Publish and accept for it to be read, questioned and challenged.

  14. In fact, why do we do what we do and do in all areas of our lives? I began to observe my daily behavior in what is most banal and even unconscious as certain habits are so anchored that things seem self-evident. And it is equally fascinating to note that there is a tendency to think that “the others” must necessarily act like us because this is our way of doing things and that it can only be fair. For the next few days, I will try to do the most daily actions differently, therefore, question my habits and perhaps even become aware of some of them.

    En fait, pourquoi faisons-nous ce que nous faisons et cela, dans tous les domaines de notre vie ? J’ai commencé à observer mon comportement quotidien dans ce qu’il a de plus banal et même de plus inconscient tant certaines habitudes sont si ancrées que les choses semblent aller de soi. Et il est tout aussi fascinant de constater qu’on a tendance à penser que “les autres” doivent forcément agir comme nous puisque c’est notre façon de faire et qu’elle ne peut être que juste. Pendant les jours qui viennent, je vais m’attacher à faire différemment les actions les plus quotidiennes, donc, interroger mes habitudes et peut-être même prendre conscience de certaines d’entre elles.

  15. I have a tendency, a really bad tendency to look back and give myself hell for decisions I’ve made in the past. Oh, I go for it, give myself a right telling off. What do I get out of it? I guess it makes me right at that moment. Sometimes being right is not such a great place to be. I’m ready to kick this to the curb….

  16. I suppose I need to escape from providing a solution or answer to every work problem or questions coming my way. Sometimes employees aren’t waiting for an answer, they were waiting for me to ask them back a question so that they can propose their solutions. So to do things differently, instead of providing a solution to every work problems, I am going to harness the ideas and solutions from the team so that we can come up with a better solution to address the problem.

  17. I am going to escape from the thinking that I need to be working on my business all of the time, even on weekends or in the evening and that I need to be constantly involved in posting to social media. The “something else” I am going to work on today and moving forward is spending more time to let my brain have a break from and a rest from work thinking. It’s okay and it’s healthy mentally, emotionally and spiritually to allow my brain down time. This will make me more creative and successful in the long run.

  18. One of the most fixed CVS I have dealt with in the past three years since changing roles is the wait to see whether my new position would “work out”. I waited to see whether completing a relevant Masters Degree would change things. I waited to see how our recently changed organisational structure would work out. How it would affect me. In my previous Director roles, I have been focussed on fixing other peoples’ problems – an active, doing paradigm. But, in the recent past, I have been in the mindset of “done-to” by changes in the organisation.

    If I consider instead, that my organisation is the “patient”, I can explore how to turn around its ill-health and maximise its health. I can be actively involved in the repair, renovation and renewal.

  19. I must escape from my energy bills today. The bills are increasing rapidly. Our current political talk is not addressing the issue and the energy market seems broken. We are in a heating and cooling box which is sometimes called a ‘wicked problem’. I need to try and think differently about heating and cooling. And then do ‘something’ different.

  20. I want to escape the told that in Nigeria my country some people are above the law,the cheat others and also claim is their right as human but forgetting the right of other,for the sack that I remain a Nigerian,human rights most be debunke or Nigeria will never change.

  21. Today i want to escape from my “to do list”. Theres always a lot to do and a list is often a useful tool to track progress but the list sometimes paradoxically means less gets done by getting bogged down considering lists of lists. So today i want to mix it up a bit (postscript: posting this after the fact as i had to get off the tram earlier!)

  22. I would like to escape from the thought pattern that one must be exerting a lot of effort to be productive. I have been quite sick recently and inherently have a fear that my to-do-list is going to get out of hand without my continual attention, which doesn’t help productivity. Today I can work on knocking the small, easy items off the list, and feeling satisfied that this is enough for today.

  23. I need to escape from my current situation. This may be my CVS? Because it all starts with thinking. Everything! Worked out what is ‘nearest right’. I think my aim should be to do the right thing. To be effective in other words. Now it just a matter of doing. If it works I need to ‘do more of what works’ as Leonardo da Vinci says.
    [Comment: restarting series of DFQs because I allowed myself to be waylaid.]

  24. This is not as glib as it may sound, I want to start making myself a genuine priority. I need to ignore the noise of the “squeaky wheel” and mindfully plot my way forward in a way that gives the best of me to all endeavours. That means putting my wellbeing first in order that I may sustain the level of care I have for other activities and most importantly other people. My people. Sounds grand but I think it’s the core of health and happiness. Dream big, but act.

  25. Re-starting to be more specific. I need to escape from my CVS about information. ‘It is complicated to retrieve the information I need. And it is difficult to manage the flow of information’.

  26. actually that s really hard. as i put this together im in the same place and mind set as i normally and doing pretty much the same thing i always do. maybe doing something else is stoping doing this…

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