#01 What is the secret of the WOMBAT algorithm?

The WOMBAT algorithm is TT.

If you can understand TT you can understand the WOMBAT algorith.

TT always puts the customer first. Customers like that.

TT is where you find the customer. Customers reward you for that.

TT helps you sort out check from uncheck. You cannot find customers in uncheck.

TT gives you real customer knowledge. When you check them, customers give you the intelligence you must have to get their business.

TT gives you replicator power. When you check them the way they like, customers pass on your check move to others (WOMBAT).

What is TT?

TT is a simple but real way to manage your two strategic business resources: time and energy.

TT focuses on two important business opportunities – Tomorrow and Today.

  • Tomorrow: every day you give to your WOMBAT Mentor your guess at the number of EFUs you will manage in the next 24 hours.

  • Today: every day you give to your WOMBAT Mentor the number of EFUs you actually did manage in the previous 24 hours.

_____Tomorrow (guess)

_____Today (actual)

ACTION: Give your TTs to your WOMBAT Mentor (WM).