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Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson is one of Australia’s most inspiring speakers of international reputation. He is also known as ‘the father of x10 thinking‘.

prinsotDr Hewitt-Gleeson is the acclaimed author of the original text The x10 Memeplex: Multiply Your Business BY Ten! (Prentice Hall, 2000).

Larry Page of Google says in his WIRED interview that “I live by the gospel of x10 thinking”.

The world’s first Doctor of Lateral Thinking, he is an intellectual philanthropist and cognitive scientist. Co-founder, with Dr Edward de Bono, of the School of Thinking he is currently an Advisory Board member of the University of Melbourne Centre for Positive Psychology.

Members are telling us that the insights you shared in your talk at the Financial Services Council Leaders Summit was their highlight of this year’s event. (FSC event)

Without your stellar presentation skills to UDIA (Qld)’s Annual Developers Conference it would not have been the same. Thank you Michael. You’re a legend! (UDIA event)


Michael’s live appearance fees–for a day or part thereof–also include a Pre-event Client Consultation and Report & Recommendations (where appropriate).

• There is no limit to the number of participants at any event.
• Recording or digital replication by prior written agreement.
• 50% deposit on confirmation of booking.
• Plus Business Class Travel, Accommodation and Airport Transfers.

• KEYNOTE – AUD7,435.00 (20 to 60 minutes)

Client engagements for breakfast, lunch or dinner meetings; lectures, talks, conference motivational presentations; keynote addresses.

• MASTERCLASS – AUD$9,885.00 (90 to 180 minutes)

Clients use the Masterclass for sales team training like x10 Selling, off-site professional development, sales and marketing conferences, or management development at any level.

• FULL DAY – AUD$12,435.00

Media events, CEO Retreats and Full-day Strategy Meetings.


An intensive bespoke series of ten masterclasses, for a corporate ‘A Team’, to develop mastery in lateral thinking and value-creation using the x10 Toolkit.


Jack Welch, Chairman of GE (1981-2001).

I wish I had a management team that really understood Michael’s x10 thinking because It’s the value-added role in the management process.

Sir Gus Nossal AC FRS, Chairman of the Gates Foundation’s Discovery Expert Group.

I like its simplicity and its directness. I like the facets of humour. I like the design which makes it so easy to read.

Andrew Bassat, CEO and co-founder of SEEK.

I’ve gone through it on my iphone as suggested. lots of interesting thoughts.

Dr Edward de Bono, Author, “Lateral Thinking”.

Michael is a brilliant teacher.

Professor David Penington AC, former Vice-Chancellor, University of Melbourne.

Commendably ‘sharp’ and pointed. Easy to understand.

Maria Deveson Crabbe, Telstra Business Woman, 2014.

So exciting. if we could de-operationalise bad philosophy (in the same way we avoid viruses and addictions) we would abound with a lot of x10 energy for fun and work-life balance.

Peter Dale, CEO of Volgren Marco Polo, Australia’s largest bus manufacturer.

I just had another read of your new book on my iPhone. x10 is truly such a great concept. Easy to read, punchy and fresh! Congratulations.

Professor German Spangenberg, Executive Director of AgriBio Victoria.

I loved it! I couldn’t stop opening the file and reading it to the end on my iPad!

Scott Wilson, CEO of iSelect.

WOMBAT selling has now become our corporate mission.

HE Count W. Brind Zichy-Woinarski Q.C.,

It gave me much pleasure to read it and brought back some of my father’s sayings and made me remember just how much he taught me.

Ross Campbell, Principal RCA Crisis Management.

Slamdunk! What good timing for this. A great read and very relevant values for the current market who are confused and concerned.




Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson has shared the platform with Presidents, Prime Ministers and CEOs and has been engaged to motivate thousands of audiences in over 20 countries around the world. His talks are thought-provoking, engaging and entertaining and some recent topics are:

x10 Thinking: Multiply Your Business By Ten!

x10 Selling: Multiply Your Sales By Ten!

Nothing Innovates Better Than x10 Thinking

Since 1980 he has conducted masterclasses and given keynote lectures to Australian and international audiences. Many of the world’s leading organizations and corporations have engaged him from the United Nations and the White House to IBM, Fujitsu, BMW, General Electric, AMP, Telstra, Vodaphone, Saatchi & Saatchi and Australian Institute of Sport.

Michael’s been invited by governments and businesses in Canada, China, Bermuda, Indonesia, Tahiti, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, France, Israel, Japan, Italy, Greece, Malta, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia.

He facilitates high level boardroom retreats, strategy meetings and international business conferences. Michael is also sought after as a private mentor and x10 Thinker for CEOs.

CONTACT BY EMAIL: To discuss booking dates for 2017/2018



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