Your first x10 thinking lesson …

Nothing on Earth is more powerful than lateral thinking.

x10 Thinking is an example of lateral thinking and this first lesson begins a journey of discovery that we will take together.

Now, here’s the #1 piece of advice I can give you to maximise the benefits of this training:

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If you do this daily/weekly discipline then you WILL master the skills of lateral thinking and it will multiply your life by ten.

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We will start off x10 THINKING by helping you to understand some interesting and useful facts about basic cognitive neuroscience and the plasticity of your brain so you can upgrade your own thinking software … new apps for your brain. Scientists call this “thinking about thinking” or metacognition.

The School of Thinking Motto in Latin is:


In English this motto is: 

'No-one is ever born a skilled thinker!' 

DFQ #01:

What useful meaning does this motto convey to you?

5,226 thoughts on “Your first x10 thinking lesson …

  1. its not an innate ability, its something you can, and do, learn how to do. you can learn to think. whats more you can learn to think better – ie become more skilled at it.

  2. That even ‘thinking’, a task we do everyday, has great potential for improvement for us to think faster, more efficiently, more effectively for our needs and purposes. To become skilled at a task requires repetition and practise and a feedback loop to learn from mistakes, so to become skilled at thinking also requires repetition and practise and a feedback loop to learn from mistakes.

  3. NEMO NASCITUR SAPIENS ARTIFEX!this to informed that no one is born a thinker,you leave to think and rethink for others to learn and expose for batter views in life.

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