Your first lesson …

Welcome to your first thinking lesson at School of Thinking. During the next month we will help you upgrade your brain software and accelerate your personal thinking skills.

If you complete all the training DFQs (see below) you will at least double your speed of thought because lateral thinking is ten times faster than logical thinking.

School of Thinking teaches x10 THINKING by helping you to understand some interesting and useful facts about basic cognitive neuroscience and the plasticity of your brain so you can upgrade your own thinking software … new apps for your brain. Scientists call this “thinking about thinking” or metacognition.

The School of Thinking (SOT) Motto in Latin is:


In English this motto is:

‘No-one is ever born a skilled thinker!’

Now here’s your first Daily Feedback Question (DFQ). Just post your feedback comment in the box and also read the comments of some of your peers.

DFQ #01 (The First Daily Feedback Question):

What useful meaning does this motto convey to you?

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  1. The meaning this motto conveys to me is that thinking is a skill that can be learned and constantly improved.

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