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• METACOGNITION: English Thinking



• Michael on Leadership.

Michael addresses 2000 student leaders at the Halogen conference …



• Germany: Michael interviewed by Florian Rustler

• Student Entrepreneurs’ Mark Parncutt sits down with Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson to discuss entrepreneurship among University students. ••• Click through to video …



Is it true?: How to use Greyscale Thinking.

In our exploding world of cybermedia with peer2peer messaging at the speed of light, I believe that the global epidemic spread of lies may be one of the most serious challenges facing long-term human survival.

The 7th Hat: For Wisdom

At a leadership convention in Melbourne I was asked to add one more hat to the original 6 developed by SOT in 1983. I added  the 7th Hat for Wisdom which is the Grey Thinking Hat. Of all the Thinking Hats–White, Black, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue–the Grey Hat is also the Senior Hat.

The 59 Second Course in Thinking


27 thoughts on “FREEBIES: You can pass this link on …

  1. Great speech. I like the statement ‘I did not make the world… just living in it the best way I can”

  2. Thanks you so much for all of your insight. This is great and the skills l have obtained through these lessons will be used widely.

    Enjoyed all lessons thanks again…

  3. Thank you Michael, I really enjoyed you training you are a very generous person.

    PS I had never seen the film “Being There”‘ with Peter Sellars so thank you for me mentioning it to me I really enjoyed it.

  4. What you are offering us is almost beyond belief. To be able to offer this course after your shabby homecoming after the Vietnam war shows us by your example of starting the school of thinking even though the devastation you would have felt would have been complete but you moved on with your great idea of which I am but one recipient . I feel through your efforts the world now has a chance.

  5. The training in personal leadership and mentorship involved in your material Michael, continues to be of great value to me in business practice and in the arena of Toastmasters International.
    I am continuously influenced and inspired by SOT ‘s capability ……….training me to think,write and speak productively, powerfully, and persuasively ……with great outcomes .
    I am very very deeply encouraged , and most grateful for your personal contribution to my growing success.
    We live in the era of viral marketing ……..and we are hugely better for knowing its nature ,as explained by you in NEWSELL plus …..My warmest thanks

  6. Hello Michael, we first met in 1987 through Alexandra Jane Noble of Santa Barbara. It is my great joy to have studied and become a licensed Cort I Instructor and to have lead many people through the LEARN-TO-THINK Coursebook. The universe and Alex led me to you today. Where will this lead?
    Blessings and all the best,
    Maralee Burdick
    Maralee Burdick Knowlen

  7. The offer of Freebies is an indication of your desire to enlighten. It also means you are a natural teacher. Thank you.

  8. Thank you for sharing your insights with the world.

    I am very impressed after the first free newsletter today and I am
    looking forward to a friendly and constructive collaboration.

    Fridemar Pache

  9. Thanks for the free knowledge. I think we should share this information in this era where the world has become a global village. Thanks many times

  10. 1. CVS < BVS
    2. You cannot go to a better view until you acknowledge where you are the cvs.
    3. oftent time this acknowleging of the CVS – causes you to become aware of what is really happening or not happening.
    4. requesting a BVS Sets up polarity somewhat like the polarity between a positive and negative electrical terminal.
    5. This polarity creates a tension, power for movement
    6. The movement is from CSV Current reality to a better End Result BVS.
    7. This becomes motivation / even inspiration which leads to Action.
    8. You are Being and having something different
    9. Resulting in BEHAVING = Doing, something different consistent with a BVS
    10. This BVS is now the new CVS
    11. New Cycle of CVS < BVS

  11. The swith is most often easy to find and absorb if observed with an open mind and the attitude of doing a job well done or not at all.

  12. CVS2BVS is the key to breakthrough or lateral thinking.
    thanks for offering ,free and consolidatd infomation [power] to make 10x better decisions,

  13. having taken the SOT course about 3 years back, it has had an phenomenal impact on my thinking and the results that I have achieved in my life. CVS2BVS is the key to breakthrough or lateral thinking.

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