Your DFQ #09:

TENPOWER: The Powers of Ten – How can I  X10 this?

Pick a CVS today and ask yourself: How can I multiply this by ten?

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  1. I tried to get beyond a narrow view on the situation and began to develop a holistic understanding, i dealt with the situation like an outer observer does. I kept my self away from considering usual common sense, determined all things that could be done, then I traced out some practical connections between those things (×10) , that was to get a new innovative picture of the situation (BVS).

  2. Awari launch – 10 ways to
    1. Start -Announce the key players
    2.appoint my virtual board for this
    3.announce competition for Awari symbol – 1st prize is a ticket to the adventure of a lifetime.
    4. think of 10 different ways to convert their gold holdings into a key to access to 21stCentury technologies and apps.. (including SOT of course) –
    6.create a -token for Awari
    7.announce an Awari launch-date and send out invitations to be part of ticking off the ‘bucket’/chalice list for the next 183 days, including a simple illustrated Awari adventure pdf to share
    8 start the inaugural.transmutation game for this adventure
    9.do a series of full size ‘works of collaborative art’ using the precious and semi-precious metals of PNG mixed with paints and life models dressed in wearable art-
    10. think of 10 gifts from Awari to share with the world

  3. Ten ways I can improve my results
    1. Clearly, define and understand my CVS
    2. Clearly, define and understand my desired BVS
    3. Decide ways of moving from my CVS to BVS
    4. Write down the paths of moving from CVS to BVS
    5. Prioritize the paths from most doable to least doable
    6. Pick the best path to my BVS
    7. Decide on how I can multiply that BVS by 10
    8. Decide on list of actions that will give me my new BVS
    9. Write down the actions from most doable to least doable
    10. Pick the most appropriate action and implement that

  4. I can increase my well being to 10 times today by counting blessings and listing atleast 1-15 things that I am thankful for.

  5. To increase my profit by 10 I have to leverage my work output, my marketing and my administration

  6. I can X10 the number of challenging questions I ask. Questions that moves the team’s frame of mind into different possible solution spaces. Hopefully, the solution space broadens enough that the team can escape somewhat from their current view.

  7. Improve my copy writing by BVS: creating 10 ads promoting 1 product vs CVS (1 ad, 1 product)

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