#33 OUTPUTS – The Last DFQ


This is the last DFQ in this x10 Thinking training:


You have successfully completed this round of training in x10 thinking and the brain software – cvs2bvs.

Think about how you have used these SOT lessons to get better outputs in your life, at home, at school or at work.

Please post your example here.

By all means, try and be specific because your detailed and measurable results are a genuine encouragement to your fellow SOT trainees …

242 thoughts on “#33 OUTPUTS – The Last DFQ

  1. Now I am ready to start doing anything I want and then, after the feedback, I’ll figure it out by looking for the BVS.

  2. CVS to BVS is an ingenious method of thinking. Very simple, but creating very complex results for the betterment of every endeavour and challenge. My use for it, is for doing better and better in everything that I deal with on a daily basis. It forces stimulation and encouragement to overcome obstacles and create improvement no matter what the challenge is. Amazing !!

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