L-MHG #20 – Write a Leader’s Note

images.jpg In business, Jack Welch was the most famous advocate of cvs2bvs in the US.

He used cvs2bvs at GE to help him change the culture of a 100-year-old manufacturer to the most valuable company (at the time he left it) in the history of the world!

I was invited to GE soon after he became chairman and CEO. In the 1980s I spent several years, at his request, installing the cvs2bvs brain software at GE. He wrote to me saying, “I would love to have a management team that really understood the cvs2bvs equation. It’s the ‘value-added’ role in the management process”.

In his book about his time at GE called, Jack (Warner Books 2001), he wrote, “It would make each of us wake up with the goal of “Finding a Better Way Every Day”. It was a phrase that became a slogan, put up on the walls of GE factories and offices around the world”.

Jack also used cvs2bvs in crisis management situations and on one very serious occasion involving a crisis between GE and President Reagan’s Defense Secretary, Caspar Weinberger, Jack asked me to meet with him privately, in Manhattan, to apply cvs2bvs to finding a solution.

He also told me that it helped him design new concepts like ‘Boundarylessness’ and ‘Work-Out’. He wrote, “Suddenly, “Finding a Better Way Every Day” wasn’t just a slogan. It was the essence of boundaryless behaviour, and it defined our expectations”.

As my Dad used to say, “Nobody’s perfect!” and Jack had his share of setbacks but he was a genuine strategic thinker and one of the most accomplished business leaders of his time.

Jack was famous for the little hand-written notes he would send to people. He sent me several and the one I prized the most was, “Michael, you are a friend of our company”.

Hand-written notes are a very personal and powerful communication. I have known several leaders who use handwritten notes with great effect.

I first was taught to use ‘The Leader’s Note’ in the Army and I saw recently where the Duchess of Cornwall (who is Royal Colonel of the 4th Battalion The Rifles) sent handwritten notes to all the soldiers in her regiment who were wounded in Iraq.

Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Sanders, commander of 4 Rifles, said,

“She bled with us throughout the tour. She wrote by hand to all the wounded and the families of those killed. She gave each of the wounded presents – whisky or hampers. We feel incredibly lucky to have her as our Royal Colonel. At a time when people in England did not really know what we were going through, she did.”

DFQ #20:
PTO: Write a Leader’s Note!

On a postcard, engraved writing paper or special paper for the purpose (not email), write a short personal note of encouragement (around 10 to 100 words) to someone who sees you as their leader or mentor.

Post that you have completed this PTO within the next 24 hours saying who, when, where etc:

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  1. Self awareness thus being conscious of thinking to create a value for society is the greatest gift one would render to humanity so l encourage you to pursue your courses putting at back of your mind to be of valuable to society. To a friend whom l am encouraging to read physic at the university and make a mark in the society.

  2. Today I wrote a couple of hand writing notes to my kids, all are showing great things in the school and their maturation process thanks to their work and interest: That’s great for me, as a father, to express freely this to them.

  3. I sent a note of thanks to a manager who is doing an outstanding job in helping us to achieve our project goals.

  4. Today I wrote thank you cards and attached copies of the book “Brazil is the new America” to two individuals who were helping me with my career change

  5. I wrote a postcard fro my children who work hard at school and sport. They help lots around the farm and do more than most kids without complaining.

  6. i sent a note of thanks and encouragement to my organizer in south africa. she is doing so much to bring breathwork to individuals and organizations in her country.

  7. I wrote this to be given to a few students I mentor. I will be giving it to them this weekend when I meet them.

    Thank You for believing in yourself and helping me help you overcome your obstacles and getting closer to your dreams. I am sure you will be going forward with even greater confidence in dreaming and achieving your goals.

  8. I wrote a note to my friend at school : when you don’t understand something then try to understand it .there is always something that you don’t know until you learn it

  9. To the students.

    Remember, you said our finger prints are unique; well if they are unique doesn’t that mean that you are unique. Can one be unique without unique attributes. This proves all of you are unique in some way or the other, do not copy others be original. Your uniqueness will help you shine in what ever you do. Explore your unique strengths and work on them, make them your driving force. Lead from front do not settle for the back seat.
    Inspire do not conspire, if you wish to fulfill your destiny.

  10. On the birth of their first child…

    R & A,
    the road ahead will be filled with sleepless nights, worry, mystery illnesses & bruises, crying, tantrums, refusals, embarrassments, disappointments & ongoing grief. It will also be filled with love, laughter, & wonder as your daughter fills your lives & makes you whole. Hang in there; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  11. To an elderly relative who lost her husband to tell her what a wonderful person he was and that I will be there for her in all her needs during this difficult adjustment period.

  12. To a student who sruggled with severe ill health and set backs but completed the course work in spite of this .

    Paul , I enjoyed your essay very much ; thanks for completing it in spite of all the set backs . good luck next year .

  13. I wrote a note to my teenager today. I’m spending a bit of time away from home for work and it coincides with a bit of a surge in her study workload. Together we’re talking about managing her time, identifying priorities and working smarter. I see real growth in her maturity and the way she approaches her work and in the note I’ve told her that and that I was proud of the way she’s coping.

  14. A team of people who put together a function – though I have to admit that this was done on email last night before I read this today. I have a box of thank you notes in my desk drawer and send them out on a regular basis.
    On the receiving end, I recently received a basket full of goodies with lots of little notes tucked into it from my peers as I battled a challenging time in my life. More than anything in that basket I loved the notes. It made me realise that I work with an extraordinary team of people who really care.

  15. To my son, left in his backpack so hell get it during his first class with encouragement dealing with a tough situation

  16. I wrote a note for a little boy whose young parents are struggling in these economic times (03/24, at home).

  17. I will join the group doing a few.

    But the first one goes to Kadri Kalle telling her how great she is, today 14-03-12, directly to Estonia.

  18. who: Kristie Hearn – young aboriginal single mother who is kicking lots of goals in an administrative role for herself and her community


    By thank you note – for contacting me to tell me of her latest achievement – employee of the month – last week

  19. I will do a few.

    I have a team of people in one site that are making some great progress. There are 3 people in particular that putting in a huge effort. I will write a note of encouragement to each of them next Monday 20th February once the next lots of financials come out which I am expecting to be good.

  20. I wrote a note to my middle son at home today – Expressing my admiration for the outstanding year he has had achieving Career Milestones through his determination and self-discipline.

  21. I wrote a note to my nephew reminding him of the growth of his family over the last three years. This support is important as seems presently overwhelmed by raising three kids at the same time. The invitation is to look long term and connect it to what he is doing right now.

  22. On a card we normally use for giving thanks within our organisation, (special certificate cards of merit), I wrote a thankyou letter to a friend who has helped me establish a performing arts group.

    She is the glue that bonds everyone and without her, things would have been a lot more difficult and so I wrote her a note this afternoon which states – “For all the things you have done and continue to do, you truly are majestically amazing”. It is my intention to be able to hand this to her tonight, however, if not, then definitely tomorrow at practise.

  23. Who: A note to our younger daughter about how proud my wife and I are of her.
    What: She is starting up a new business with a colleague from her current workplace, and I volunteered my help as a mentor whenever she asks me.
    I have given her some ideas for the name of their business which describes what services they will offer. It is a hospitality and catering type of business.

    Interesting: The idea of a personal handwritten note is a good one.

  24. i have written two. one to a fellow who worked for me years ago and he recently asked me to mentor his new company. the second was to my daugher who recently returned from travelling in her gap year. the message was the same ” contine the journey and never stop”

  25. I sent a note to a good friend of mine who, like me, is very independent minded and a true trail blazer. I sent said note via the mail.

  26. I wrote a personal note today to my partner in life, my husband, Marius, showing my gratitude for his continuous support.

  27. To my son, I just want you to know that even though you can be difficult at times I do love you dearly and you continually teach me every day as I hope that I do to you the value of thought, the value of laughter, the value of the right response and the value of love. With love Mum

  28. Thank you for contributing to the business your insight and active pursuit towards better systems and work ethic is commendable and I personally really want to say that I appreciate it

  29. I send a personal handwritten letter to my leaders in my team to express my gratitude and appreciation for the time together till now.

  30. I wrote a postcard to my son. I thanked him for helping out whenever he could and for his caring attitude.
    He has a theory that academic subjects should be taught to a child long before they go to kindergarden. He has undertaken this with my grandchild (his niece). To accomplish this task he explains it must be accompanied with fun and laughter. When he is involved with her this way I often hear her shrill laughter. I especially thanked him not only for making a child very happy but
    at the same time maybe empowering her for the future.

  31. Today I write to my friend who is struggling to achieve his daily lives activities encouraging him to put in more efforts than before to have access to his problems, not to lose hope and waste that opportunity.

  32. to my brother who is facing problems at the moment
    saying how well he has done
    and times will get better

  33. Today if I can do it, as your leader, then you can make it better, because you have the opportunity and the ability to take a another view of what I have thought you.

  34. Climb the mountain one step at a time. With the grading coming up soon it is time to face the world. Perfect practice prevents poor performance. If you trust in what I have been telling you and am telling you now, You will be fine. never ever give up. It is not arrogance, it is self confidence. “Knowledge is not enough, we must do.” Bruce Lee

    This is to my martial art students for 3 levels of grading in 3 weeks time.

  35. “Go go go, continue to dig and climb mountains, be between the stars not least than that. Discover the best in you and let it show itself and its great potentials. Unleash the energy within and be among the greats.”

  36. Wrote to myself. I went through hell for the best part of 2009. I CAN DO IT; WHAT MAY COME, I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.

  37. I wrote to Me. Because am currently very far away from home. The means of sending a hand written mail away from here is very tiresome.I have been thinking a away out hence family & friends are not here with me. I could not find the right person for it here. So instead of not doing it at all I choosed myself.

  38. I wrote a personal note today morning to my wife, recognizing her efforts and love for me and our children. Though I’m not a mentor or her leader, but definitely a partner.

  39. To my eldest son, tonight, he shines so bright even if he wants to shut it done he can’t go about without being noticed.

  40. Tonight, I have written to a friend who is struggling with his thesis which has taken too long to get off ground. I told him to perservere, particularly now that he has found a new supervisor.

  41. I wrote a leaders note to my daughter telling her how proud I was that she attended a Maths support lesson during lunchtime, without me asking her. I did this last night.

  42. I wrote a short personal note to my friend last night to encourage her in terms of her career decisions for the future and gave it to her personally.

  43. To my daughter. Be strong, I am with you. We will weather this storm together.
    I am confident that we will emerge into the sunlight
    knowing this too will pass.

  44. To a person who provides inspiration through his life and family. A work colleague who is respectful and kind.

  45. I wrote a letter to both my girls telling them how proud I am of their achievements both personally and professionally.

  46. I wrote a note to a person who reminds me of me 10 years ago. Sent it in the internal mail today

  47. A note to my wife to say how great she has been through the tough times and how much I love and appreciate her .
    Also to an uncle and aunt who have been on my mind and anote to my daughter to let her know I’m still thinking about her.

  48. To My brainstorming buddy Phil
    Sent to Galston via courier on blueprint paper

    Nice engineering touch I thought!

  49. I have completed the PTO, I wrote to my daughter this afternoon at home using a special card. I will post the card tomorrow (Saturday) and will receive the card by Wednesday.

  50. Thanks for all the effort over the past couple of months and the coming few months. I appreciate the sacrifice of both home time and some of your longer term startegic goals while we pursue a an outcome that will see the site through the next 5 – 10 years.

  51. Hello all,
    PTO; Handwritten note
    Who; To all direct reports
    When; FYE on the performance over the year
    Where; At work

  52. I sent a note to a person I have worked with for a number of years and for whom I have a great deal of respect and believe will go great places and do great things.

  53. I thought about sending a note to a number of different people and in the process came to some conclusions:

    > you SHOULD be a leader in your own family, so even though they are very important, they don’t count in this exercise

    > there are many people whom I like and would get personal pleasure from sending a message, but the value may not be there for them.

    > the person I sent my message to is someone who I know appreciates my advice, and would above all others benefit from the note. It doesn’t matter whether this is one of my favourite friends/ acquaintances, it is about the benefit they receive through the note.

  54. Justin and Simon down loaded our weather stations, ran the disease predictive models and sprayed our field trial when the team was presenting reports at an interstate conference. I wrote them a note on a very nice card to thank them for looking after our work and gave them a small box of Chocolateier chocolates. They were quite chuffed, which surprised me.

  55. I do a bit of personal training and i wrote to one of my clients that i was grateful to share the time we have and that she had come a very long way and that i was so proud of her.

  56. I wrote a note to my son who has had the toughest year imaginable and has demonstrated incredible tenacity and courage – wrote the note in time, but my computer died, hence the late post!!!

  57. I wrote a note to say thank you for a wonderful round of golf and offered encouragement and best wishes to a young 16 year old girl my husband and I met on the golf course earlier today. After playing golf for just one year she has entered in the SA Junior Ladies Champs this coming weekend.

  58. I wrote a note to each of my young sons prior to their first day at a new school to give them a confidence boost.

  59. I wrote a thank you note to a supplier who recently went “above and beyond” to get a task completed in a virtually impossible time period, simply outstanding !

  60. Wow i just realised that i dont feel like a leader or mentor currently. For the 1st time in a long time i have no direct reports at work. I have prepared one for my daughter instead to give to her tonight at dinner.

  61. I wrote a note to a former student telling them that I appreciated their hard work in completing their Ph.D and how proud I was to be associated with them during their studies.

  62. I could not identify a person that I mentor, so I wrote one to one of my close friends saying how much I enjoyed the day we spent together yesterday and the gift she gave me for my birthday.

  63. Interestingly I have recently already done this. At Christmas time, it has always been my habit to send short hand-written notes thanking individuals who work with me for all their hard effort during the year just gone.

  64. Rob..
    I love and value your independence , and your maturity of spirit..

    You have made some excellent decisions very successfully in the past…
    NOW is the time, I suggest for some clear thinking about exactly what you want to do(in relation to getting help with your health situation)……
    write it down ,maybe….and then having decided ,go through with the decision…to the letter.
    If there are several “actions” to be taken,then …I encourage you to list them, write them…then DO them ,as soon as reasonably possible.
    Once done, record briefly how you feel,now they are done, and email me the results, if you care to share them.
    It is really up to you now…to Take courage , and take action.

  65. I often wrote small cards my family members, friends and collegues who are having issues in their lives. Very often I use famous people quotes (and not some of yours too!) attached to books or piece of articles. My team recieve from time to time books on encouragements, positive thinking, work tips and techniques on issues they were facing. They always appreciate.

  66. I wrote a note to a colleague who has been disappointed by some thoughtless student feedback. I told him that he is a fine teacher, and that some students will be upset when they are taken out of their comfort zone, and expected to think!

  67. I’ve posted a lovely card/note to my youngest step daughter last night telling her how proud I am of her recent achievements.

  68. Done, although not within 24hrs as I missed this post due to workload and am now catching up.

    It was to my daughter, who did very well in the school swimming sports a week ago and is looking forward to the transition to High School next year.

  69. Mine is to my family who see me as the solver of all problems- good in some ways but can be hard to live up to!

  70. I have not made this post within 24 hours of first reading the instruction therefore I have not P(ed)TO as instructed. Nevertheless I did write a short personal note to someone who sees me as a leader or mentor. In fact it is the only person I can honestly say I know who sees me in that way and that person is me. Hence my hesitance to post mostly because although I needed to be honest I also had a fear of being considered “odd”. Anyway odd or not I often silently talk to my “mentor” discussing my options and plotting my course by taking leadership from what is likely to be my version of a moral compass.
    Now the “who” is declared the when was last Wednesday 28/10/09 and the where was hear at my desk at home.

  71. Done and in the mail to 2 members of our Fundraising Committee who have recently taken on new roles.

  72. written notes have been replaced by SMS messages…..

    My most common message to my kids have been, not what they should not do, but the most important: HAVE FUN!

  73. I’ve left a note congratulating my wife (who definitely does NOT see me as a leader!) for her efforts over the past 18 months with our daughter.

  74. I decided to write one note each for ‘home’ and work. One note was to my Mum who is a great support for me that words cannot describe. The other is for a colleague to let them know that I am converting their position from contract to on-going. The hope is that this would be appreciated and also give her some confidence that she is a valued team member.

  75. I have written a note for a staff member that has been battling breast cancer for the same amount of time that I have been pregnant. This person is younger than I and yet to start a family. My note is to let her know how impressed I am by her strength and the way that she has faced her battle head on.

  76. Done. I wrote 2 notes. A research project I lead relies on data generated by another group. The 2 people in this other group who do this have worked really hard over the past year and I suspect the hard work has not been fully appreciated. I sent them both a note thanking them for their efforts. They both need cheering up.

  77. My wife (I do not think I am a mentor or leader, but an equal), today, at home: to thank her for the amazing job she is doing looking after our kids, and to ensure her that her return to work is her own decision, when she decides that it is the best for her and our family.

  78. I must admit, I’m not good at writing encouragement note.
    Anyway, I wrote one to my son, encouraging him to work extra hard who is in 3rd year Uni., which is also the final year of the first part of his double degree course.

  79. I value the personal touch over the mass communication (although emails etc do have their place)
    I wrote a note to a colleague thanking and praising them for their support and helping me out on some work which they did in addition to their normal duties.

  80. Loved this task so I went overboard.
    I prepared three for personal reasons (my husband for how hard he works, my daughter for always being so thoughtful and my son who did really well in his NAP test).
    So then I had to prepare 3 for work colleagues. Two for staff that I have supervised. One, who does an excellent job and has received recognition from others due the changes that she has been able to implement. The other, who also does a wonderful jub, but does not receive any recognition from her main supervisor for her efforts. The last one is for a colleague who does a lot of work in our financial systems and has a constantly challenging work environment to deal with.

  81. I sent a note to a colleague at work commending her on the excellent job she had done co-ordinating and subsequently reporting on a series of detailed planning meetings. This person lacks confidence as she fails to see her strengths and qualities in an organisation (DPI) full of very clever intelligent people.

  82. Done.
    I congratulated an employee on a job well done in sorting out a difficult issue the day before on a major contract. I put a note on his desk this morning.

  83. I left a note for a student of mine congratulating him on his enthusiasm and great work on completing his project.

  84. Easy. Two children (not sure if they see me as their mentor they probably see me as mental most of the time), two notes.
    My daugther (7 yo) is leading a Tinies calisthenics team, and they performed exceptionally well at a championship competition. She also started playing the piano this week.
    My son (12 yo) prepared and presented his Year 6 project on how technology advanced from the 1950s through to today without any help, and he also did exceptionally well.
    Can we expect to see a hand-written note from you, Michael, to commend our persistence with PTO? Just kidding …

    Looking forward to the next class!

  85. Sometimes to share the happiness, just to let those around you know that you are happy, it can be infectious. So my happiness note is that our water levels are now above that of last year, yeah!

  86. I love the handwritten note thing and use it semi regularly. I like to get into work early and leave them for the recipients to find upon arrival. It’s a good way to start the day. I made a delivery this morning so I guess this DFQ is an easy one as the job is already done. The details go like this: yesterday I purchased two cards for two very special people that work with me. The three of us recently attended a big work related conference. For both of them it was their first time speaking at a conference or to any large gathering. Both were quite nervous and both did a fantastic job. The cards were to tell them what a great job they did, to thank them for their hard work in preparing for the event and to let them know how much I enjoy working with them.

  87. I sent a personal note to a friend of mine telling her what a wonderful job she has done raising her children pretty much by herself.

  88. wilson ,today, in accra letting him know that there is always.and that there is always a better view of the situation.that some situations are ptos and to help us understand issues better we can always do a gbb.

  89. I gave a personal note to my Son thanking him for letting me help him with his assignments.

  90. I have written and given a personal note to everyone on my marketing
    team, thanking them for their loyal support and efforts beyond what were expected of them

  91. I have written and sent a Leader’s Note (as specified) to someone who I think will be a great addition to the new venture I’m planning. She’ll certainly be surprised to get something in the post.

  92. I left a note for each of my children. Thanks for the reminder, i’ve not done it for some time and you’re so right. Letting someone know that they’re doing a good job is so important. Recognition!

  93. The fellow who wasw my protege and is now in my old role sends me emails from time to time and I always take the time to thank him for the update but more importantly to send him encouragement. He had a long way to go and I think the small sincere notes mean more that feedback he gets from new people he knows nothing about.

  94. My daughter and I write personal notes and leave them on our desk. Just little things like “your great” or “I love you”. Always brings a smile to both of our faces, especially when it’s out of the blue.

  95. Sorry this is outside the time frame but have been busy pre-testing and preparing for tutoring classes. I am giving one of my students a note on Tuesday at school during Tutoring session. This boy has been marked low for literacy but he understands the situation and genuinely wants to work hard at improving.

  96. I just wrote individualized notes for each person on my tennis team. I used inspirational postcards that I had and knew they would come in handy. I’m gonna give it to them this Sunday before we start the league day as a motivational kick-off.

  97. CVSBVS
    I downloaded a beautiful stationary page from mintprintables and printed it on my color printer. I composed an encouraging note. It was composes 12:37 AM 4/14/2009 at my desk in Houston Texas to Pamela Mouton as an encouragement, admiration, Love and get well note all in one! I hid it in her purse so it will be a discovered surprise at a random moment. Philosophers are often Romantics too…..
    (I liked the Fairies!!)

  98. In what may be a slightly different approach to this DFQ, I have written a note on a very nice Japanese notecard to my supervisor. She has a lot to learn about managing and her people skills are rudimentary. I have more or less organized the six program coordinators who report directly to her in an effort to make her a better manager, or at least a manager who doesn’t drive us all crazy with her impulsive decision-making, her need to control and micro-manage areas she doesn’t understand, and her inability to ever admit she’s made a mistake. I am trying to encourage her best side and keep everyone engaged in the possibly endless process of making our work group into a stronger team.

  99. I wrote 4 notes: my wife, my son Adam, my daughter Tamara, and my son Bryan. I did it today at home. My family is very important to me and sometimes I get distracted and do it show it well. So, I let them know how much they mean to me.

  100. I sent a card to my daughter who is in year 11 and at that age you are having a lot to cope with – study, physical/ mental change, career decisions etc. I just wanted to let her know we love her and believe in her.

  101. This note goes a friend of mine, who is junior to me in college, she used to always think and say that i was her role model. i don’t know how far it is true, but i surely used to motivate her in all aspects. this line goes to her.
    No matter what you are in life, and what you do in life, you should always be proud of doing it, and should always stand up to it. And never have a ‘give-up’ attitude, just believe in yourself and determine to do what you want to do, just believe that “impossible” word also says I m possible.
    All the best dear.

  102. Thinking is pehaps the most important subject you ever learn , Meeting Michael and for him to have thaught you how to think makes him the most VIPP you ever learn from on leadership, thanks Great friend .

  103. To my little girls, who see me as a leader and a model, and from whom I have got and learned the best lessons of life the last years.
    ” what was the best thing that you did or happened today” is now an everyday way to say goodnight, till tomorrow with a new day.

  104. To Janice,

    You are able to see your own progress, and you have overcome. Keep it up, and continue to march forward.

    Progress always

  105. PTO completed. I gave a Leader’s Note, written on Special Paper, to a female friend who has been struggling with (red wine) alcoholism = 2 bottles per day. I Encouraged her to “Keep On Keeping On”, to remain Free, Liberated and Focused on her Strengths and Fortitude in the face of several emergencies in her immediate family circle. I Blessed her and assured her I AM Available should she so require my assistance. I Led her to the Fountain, she drank (NO, NOT THE RED WINE), She Helped Herself and Now Sees and Understands Clearly CVS2BVS …

    Congratulations, Dear Friend!

  106. feel actually uncomfortable thinking of myself as someone elses leader, my main aim at the moment id to master leading myself.
    Still i will send a personal note to a friend saying thank you for inspiring me to be a better human being by how she lives her life.

  107. I have sent a hand written note to another teacher detailing that it was good to see her back at work, full of life and hoped that her recent family crisis situations had strengthened her resolve, her family and her will to make the most her own opportunities as they develop. The note concluded that as a middle years team we all respect her positives, her perspectives and her friendly working partnerships.

  108. Theres no one I can really write this to just now – I’m in a bit of a backwater period of my life. But I’ll be sure to use it later this year when I roll out a new training program within my company. I’ll make a point of writing a note to each of my trainees as part of the feedback process

  109. To a family member who has moved from one profession into a more demanding one. When ? Well; straight away, as soon as your inspiration arrived. 090109. 100 words follow..

    You know my learned principle of CVS2BVS and you are making it easy for me. Because you in your steady improvement are in fact presenting to me a Better View of your Situation as time goes by. One hears of the value of ‘the whole’ being greater or less than the value of ‘the parts’. May I say, that the members of ‘the whole’ appreciate the increase in their value because You, are increasing the value of the ‘part’ that you are. Enjoy the journey. As I’ve said to you before about sailing: it’s better to journey than to arrive.

  110. Today I gave a beautiful card to a student of mine who has (over the past 9 years) transformed his life from being a heavily medicated schizophrenic facing institutionalisation for the rest of his life to being virtuallly drug free, married, planning a future, continuing his education and training, community work etc
    The cover of the card said “congratulations” Inside I wrote: “There is an order and rythmn to each day. The order of today – Congratulations!.. Well done, what courageous magnificent things you have done; beyond that extramile..achieving your goals, creating dreams come true..such wondrous places we’ve been; as always I do so believe in you..congratulations are the order of the day jj x He smiled a very big smile and was still smiling half an hour later. Thank you Michael :)

  111. hello

    My leadership note goes to my younger brother who has just Hosted a show in his college which was fabulous and great success.

  112. I liked Leigh’s idea re: purchasing nice stationary to have on hand for the lovely task. Thank you Michael for great initiatives, passed on to my children also.

  113. PTO completed and was addressed and given as a collective note to my three daughters while we are staying for small holiday in queensland. I delivered it to them this afternoon. The content concerned their current growth and dealing with anxieties associated with changes, holiday being quite a change for them. Briefly, I praised them for their dealing with their anxieties in a different mode using the knowledge I have supported them with regarding the insidiousness of anxiety and their coping mechanisms, flailing at times, but overall an excellent feat achieved as their approach to conquering it is maturing. they were chuffed, thought was slightly unusual but, all the same proud.

  114. hi,

    I contacted a former colleague who’s been having a tough time to say chin-up; you’re doing fine; go for it!

  115. First of all, I will commend Michael and his team for organizing this Leadership course. Its worth a million dollar. I will surely put everything to Practice.
    My leadership note goes to my younger brother who has just started a promising business.
    I quite understand what you are passing through right now at this stage of your business, I share your feelings with you. Be focused and set goals. Make use of the Gap analysis. Look at the gap between where you are now and where you intend to be in the couple of years to come. Surely this will always put you on your toes. You will surely get there. Take care!

  116. My son is in the process of selecting a professional stream from among many recommended by his friends. I have sent him a personal hand written note … and the time of sending reply to this DFQ#20
    he should have read it by now. The extract of the note is…

    Have fiath in your elf and what I have tought you in the past. Select by priorities. Selct your profession based on your abilities & aptitudefolowed by work satisfaction, fiancial rewards are but natural.
    Practice cbs2bvs (which I have tought) and if you still you need me I am you bvs’ I am always by your side

  117. Leadership is about man-management and at times one has to lead by example to set the trend. He should gain respect from his co-workers for his skills and understanding of his fellowmen. He needs to build the trust and faith with people and that he can do by giving them enough love and support

  118. I sent a note to my daughter, who’s been ill for 9 weeks, encouraging her to “take all the pressure off” until she fully recovers & reminding her that she is loved very much.

  119. I have always tried to do this in my roles as coach and have just completed notes to clients using your articles

  120. Today I wrote a note to my son, who looks up to me as his leader and mentor.
    In it I wrote that he must believe in himself, that I am always there for him, proud of him and to always think of CVS to BVS.

  121. Before conducting the training programme, I write on the board ” Always be a Source and not a resource” which inspires all teachers.

    Cheers Michael. I appreciate all the tools you have given me to see wisdom myself. Thanks for sharing.

    P. Vijayachandran.

  122. I wrote a handwritten note to my son to congratulate him on the purchase of his new home and to tell him how proud I am of him and his accomplishments.

    I must say that I am intrigued by this concept and I will use it often. I just ordered a box of blank stationary cards and am now thinking of all the people I can show appreciation by writing a little note.

  123. To: Crw who work underneath me
    When: whenever their shift finishes

    Everytime one of the guys finishes a shift that they were working with me, I always congratulate them and tell them that theyve done a good job, and sometimes areas they can improve a tiny bit. But defs congratulate them for the hard work that they have just put in.

  124. I have sent a card to my Broker… A very supportive person who has always looked after my best interest… She has always been available….kind,,,,,and ready to stand up for her agents…. I have voiced my appreciation. It was time to put it in writing….

    Thank you…..

  125. As a Primary school teacher I have always hand-written postcards to some children from my class who have settled into my class really well, made new friends and are fulfilling or exceeding their potential through hard work. I address the postcard to them and they seem genuinely surprised and full of joy at having it posted to them. I am going to send mine on monday.

    Cheers Michael. I appreciate all the tools you have given me to see wisdom myself. Thanks for sharing.

  126. Having been down the pipeline twice – trust me, it can be hard work! – I would like – if permitted – to leave a note for those still in it, or about to squirrel down it. For most of the time I got caught up in my own answers, my own responses. It came late and it came obvious – apologies fellow team members, it should have come sooner…..

    ‘The month draws in feel the pipeline tighten
    Consider others your mood may lighten
    Leadership is not just about ourselves
    The skill: helping others to lead themselves!’

  127. I wrote the following to a young Polish candidate that I assisted in securing a great new job. Six months into the role she sent me a letter describing how well she was doing, and how her boss was so impressed with her, he had increased her salary, and given her some additional responsibility.

    Edina, it was so good to hear from you – and it comes as no suprise that you are doing so well. The level of commitment you demonstrate, and the skill set you possess are valuable and should be applauded. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you in securing the role, and delighted for the company that they have you on their team. I know you will continue to make a significant contribution to their success, and in doing so will reap the rewards of your efforts.

  128. I wrote a note to a team leader who reports directly to me, has done a fabulous job, and is pregnant going on maternity leave. She was thrilled with the note. i have set a calendar in my diary to do one a month and i am going to stick to it.

  129. Okay, the only other person I can write to is my husband with a letter of thanks for his love and support. I will put it on his desk tonight.
    Thank you to Kevin (below) who gave me the idea.

  130. This is a real struggle for me, as I am self employed and lead no-one that I know of. The only people this might even remotely apply to are my children and they are fully grown and in command of their own lives. My cats don’t read. I am a bit stumped.
    I have in the past written notes of encouragement to fellow workers and when I teach (which I am not at the moment) I have been known to send personal notes. I am afraid I fail this one.

  131. I am leaving my present job as the head of the company within next one month. Now, I got an idea to send out a hand-written note to all my employees saying this : You are all mirror of my success and be a leader with no name.

  132. my note below may be appended by this note
    (this is a real message abridged, sent as the Update Note to the 2100 odd members of the Food and Nutrition Knowledge Community that I have been moderating for the past 3 years)

  133. While talking on soaring food prices, I had to revisit with utter discomfort the conundrum of India of enviable economic growth co-existing with deprecating hunger and malnutrition, at times worse than sub-Saharan Africa’s.

    Even as we debated on how to counter the rising costs of food, the barrage of questions – why an active democracy of well over six decades with such abundant natural resources, gifted individuals, splendid civilization, wisdom and humanity failed here despite enormous mobilization of men and material – continued to echo, begging for an honest answer. Do you see a role for all of you here?

  134. To John my good friend and fellow worker. I want to thank you for all your help and support over the past number of years. You have helped me in so many ways. When i was down and felt like giving up, you encouraged me to keep going. I appreciate your help and friendship,and look forward to many years of mutual help and encouragement between us.
    Thank you again, John.
    Your fond friend,

  135. I hope no one sees me as ‘their leader’. Or as their follower. Neither.

    Jason. Today. Private email because. Hope message for hard times.

  136. To my nephew who is a long way from home and just given up his job because he is “”not enjoying it” a message of support in face of hard working Scottish outrage – far from enjoyment having nothing to do with it, perhaps he is a member of the generation who will pioneer the notion of enjoyment having everything to do with it….

  137. i am in Canada. for last 20 years with my condition of manic-depression and
    manic-episode leading to hospitalization every 2-3 years has not given me
    chance to actively participate in life of other people. so there is nobody i can
    write a note to. most i did was learn about health and sustainable living.
    so i called my family in Mumbai,India.
    in 2000 feb ,when i was in psyche hospital my father had said in phone conversation to me ”THE WORLD IS A MESS WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO START WORKING”. today i told him, i did not understand then, but i understand it
    now. i told him how blessed i feel to to have him as my father and my
    mother as my mother.i discussed my plans with my brothers and their wives.

  138. I have written a special note of thanks to my best freind, confidante business partner and life partner for her constant support, positive energy and help in our business. I don’t do this enough and WILL continue to do this small but very significant thing much more often.

  139. My younger daughter has this habit of saying sorry and she loves me by making small notes. Lately I have been strict with her which i feel has put her down so I made a beautiful small card for my daughter encouraging her to study well and be attentive in class. I gave her yesterday evening and the happiness was tremendous for she hugged me many times promising to be good.
    Thank you for making me do it, though simple thing still we neglect making an effort.

  140. I contacted a former colleague who’s been having a tough time to say chin-up; you’re doing fine; go for it!

  141. I wrote a thank you note to my colleague who helps me with my business. It took him by surprise, as i don’t often write thank you notes!
    He said afterwards that he appreciated it very much. I have resolved to be more generous with my praise and time in future.

  142. Just sent my son a card on some tips in public speaking as he is about to be the MC for his friend’s wedding, next weekend.

  143. I’ve written a brief cvs2bvs letter of encouragement to my nephew, on how best to capitalise the $1,000 I’ve recently discovered in his forgotten savings account to improve his opportunities in life.

  144. I gave a thank you note to Grace to thank her for her dedication to her work, and for helping her colleagues who had less knowledge and experience than her.

    I encourage her to continue to study and improve herself in her new place of work.

  145. I post a note to my mother who turned 80 and her mind is going away…; I told her not to worry and tha t she´s carrying her present state very well.

  146. I wrote a thank you note to my research scientist for having finished a report within the extended time limit, which he had otherwise delayed. Surprisingly, it had a visible positive effect on his behaviour at work from that very day. It is too early to say whether it is permanent BUT it also means that my behaviour (note writing, eg.) has also to be modified.

  147. I wrote a note of encouragement and recognition to a trainee in my department who will soon be taking over a management role.

  148. Ooops! I just flunked! I actually don’t have ANYONE in my present life ‘who sees you as their leader’. Not one.

    I can confirm I’ve written supportive and ‘lighten the day’ emails to several people in the past 24 hours. My friend Pat, yesterday, in the wilds of the US about a project dear to her heart.

    But ‘leader’… for me, it’s a title that shifts. It belongs to each and all – and the occasion summons the leader to fit.

  149. I have a work colleague who goes to great lengths to do those extra little things – that mean a lot to the people she supervisors – but that are often lost in the bigger picture. She is a Production manager measured on output (Safety, Quality, Production, Responsievness and Cost)but she possesses excellent people skills which are often over looked in lieu of pure production requirements. Her area achieved an outstanding result last week, so today (upon reading this lesson) nI wrote her the following note and hand delivered it to her desk while she was at lunch:

    “Well done on an outstanding result. I know the extra effort you put in with your people to achieve this outcome and while many will forget this in the months to come – I will not and your passion for getting the best out of your people will always be what I remember first about you”

    She ihas already responded to me via e-mail with “thank-you for the thank-you, if anyone else had said this it would not have meant anything, but from you it has meaning”

    We both felt good!

  150. I wrote a note to a young woman, a friend of our family, who is incredibly gifted., strong ,loving and giving, who handles much responsibility…too much responsibility for someone so young..to say that I was proud of her..admired and loved her…and wished her well in her new career…which is to be on the other side of the continent.
    Completed 7.45pm (within 5 mins of receiving this directive)

  151. At this point in my life I don’t have anyone that sees me as a leader.
    I may write a note to my boss, as one equal to another :)

  152. I have hand written a note to my younger brother who has recently started his first full time job following the completion of his tertiary studies offering my congratulations and best wishes for the next stge of his life.

  153. I wrote a letter to my father, 5 minutes ago, whom I watch over. He is 86 and his mind is starting to be taken away by alzeimers. Last time I visited him at his senior apartment, we took a walk down to the library and the computer room. I helped him select a book to read and showed him how to play solitaire on the computer. So my note told him who much I enjoyed spending time with him and encouraged him to continue reading and playing games on the computer as this is not only enjoyable but it helps to keep the brain in learning mode. I congratulated him on being a great parent during my formative years and let him know that he is my hero.

  154. I wrote to a young colleague this morning, congratulating him on some recent work which he undertook in rather difficult circumstances. He is showing very strong potential in his chosen field, and I took the opportunity to encourage him to continue despite the short-term difficulties he is experiencing.

  155. I sent a note to a colleague of mine who while down with flu spent an afternoon and solved a problem that I was stuck with for many days.
    I said, ‘ Thank you for giving me the answer. It is a relief to know that there is some one who is willing to help and spare the time even when sick.’

  156. I wrote a note this evening, to Chip a participant in an online course I both study and facilitate, to say thanks for sharing some of his current writings. To say that I feel honored by his trust and inspired by his developement.

  157. Thank you for all the extra efforts, to Emalee, from my desk to hers via the postal service. Truly, she is an incredibly helpful human being.

  158. I wrote and posted a note to one of the students I tutor (Year 10 male). It is my responsibility to engage him in the topic. I thanked him for giving me the opportunity to be creative and challenge him to think mathematically, to have fun.

  159. My letter of encouragement was written at our home to to my son at 8.17pm Thursday 3rd Jan 08

    What a great suggestion!

  160. I sent a Leader’s Note to an Analyst that works with me yesterday at work. The gesture took the person by surprise, but he commented later that it was appreciated.

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