#09 – Be healthy

Be healthy

R&R. Rest & Recuperation. Recharge the batteries. Take-it-easy. Your brain is the biggest engine in your body. It consumes more fuel and generates more energy. Give it a rest and a time to recover. Give it a holiday from your screens and your gadgets. Your physical, mental and emotional health cannot be separated from the pattern of choices you make. Every hour of every day you are designing your future. If your designs are tired or weak your future cannot be strong. Be mindful.

Be healthy.

DFQ: How can I be healthy today?

Give an example of a text message or email you can send today and post your result.

EXAMPLE: (text reply to lover) …

13 thoughts on “#09 – Be healthy

  1. Email to self:

    If I do what I think I need to do today, will it improve my short term or long term health? Will it help improve others health, my family etc..? Let’s make sure I allocate time for both.

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