#08 – Be happy

Be happy

Modern song lyrics like Pharrell Williams “Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth” and Bobby McFerrins’ “Don’t worry Be Happy” are not new ways of thinking. Deliberately choosing a positive mindset goes back at least 2500 years as far as the Epicureans of Ancient Greece. But humans haven’t changed much since then so it’s still very good advice. Don’t worry.

Be happy.

(I was born in St Kilda, Australia, so I chose this one. You can choose from many other versions …)


DFQ: How can I be happy today?

Give an example of a text message or email you can send today and post your result.

EXAMPLE: (SMS text to myself) …

20 thoughts on “#08 – Be happy

  1. I’m happy because I reflect all of God’s goodness, joy, and harmony.

  2. Happiness is a state of Mind. It is a Choice. Happiness is not a result of some achievement or some benefit.
    I choose Happiness without any conditions.
    I choose to do every Action happily in the Right way to satisfy my Needs, Desires & Ambitions.
    Happiness is Free for all . We all can live Happily, Work happily & Interact Happily.
    Hence Choose Happiness. Then You are Happy.

  3. Email to self:

    Let’s have a party, or at least celebrate a change in direction. Sometimes a great things happen, but it gets drowned out by the old crowd that didn’t like that they didn’t get the idea attributed to them. Wisdom should be used as an air bag. Not a barrier.

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