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Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

• The School of Thinking (SOT) model was designed by Dr Hewitt-Gleeson who holds the world’s first Doctorate of Lateral Thinking (1980).

• He is a Visiting Innovation Fellow at LaTrobe University’s AgriBio, the largest agricultural R&D organisation in the state.

• He is currently an Advisory Board member of the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education’s Centre for Positive Psychology.

• SOT is 100% online. The daily mentor is Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, also known as ‘the father of x10 thinking’.


Dr Hewitt-Gleeson is the acclaimed author of The x10 Memeplex: Multiply Your Business BY Ten! (Prentice Hall, 2000).

An intellectual philanthropist and cognitive scientist he is co-founder (with Edward de Bono, 1979), of the School of Thinking.

At the Bi-Centennial Convention of 600 of Australia’s statespeople in Canberra in 1988 the School of Thinking was officially launched by Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson in the presence of the then Governor General of Australia, Sir Ninian Stephan AK, GCMB, GCVO, KBE on 30 May 1988. Also in attendance was the Prime Minister of Australia at the time and Rhodes scholar, The Hon Robert J Hawke AK.

Dr Hewitt-Gleeson said, “If we are to ensure our economic future and our stability as a nation, we may have to focus more on the productivity and potential of Australians as individual thinkers.”

The historic event was reported in Australia’s largest circulation newspaper, The Sun – (Melbourne, Australia, Fri May 27, 1988): “The education for 600 of Australia’s notable statesmen will begin on Monday (30 May 1988) when Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson delivers the keynote address at the Bicentennial National Congress in Canberra.”

The mission of the School of Thinking has been to get thinking taught on the Australian school curriculum as a core subject. “If Dr Hewitt-Gleeson has his way, Australian schoolchildren will, by 1992, have the study (of thinking) as much a part of their curriculum as the traditional subjects of maths and English,” recorded Australian author, Peter Fitzimons, in the Sydney Morning Herald (Wednesday September 5, 1990).

Michael Anthony Hewitt-Gleeson (born Melbourne 1947) is an Australian cognitive scientist and author of the classic best-selling coursebook on neuroplasticity called Software For Your Brain (1989), ISBN 09473511088.

Dr Hewitt-Gleeson first published his invention of the universal brain software known as the digital switch cvs2bvs or cvs to bvs in 1984 (NewSell, Boardroom Books, New York, 1984).

cvs2bvs is based on Hewitt’s-Gleeson’s First Law of Thinking which states: the current view of the situation (cvs) can never be equal to the better view of the situation (bvs) 0r cvs≠bvs. And, cvs x10 = bvs.


image2Doctor of Lateral Thinking

Hewitt-Gleeson is an acknowledged world authority on lateral thinking who has four published titles on Lateral Thinking. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Cognitive Science, International College, Los Angeles (1980) with an association with New York University (NYU).

In 1980, Cambridge Professor Edward de Bono was Hewitt-Gleeson’s tutor for the world’s first PhD in Lateral Thinking in which he proposed The Theory of Newsell. His examiner was the distinguished Professor George Gallup, Founder of the Gallup Poll, Princeton. At that time Professor Gallup wrote, “Newsell may be the first new strategy for selling in 50 years”.

He was a Member of the Advisory Board for the Learning and Leadership Centre for Melbourne Grammar School from 2006 to 2012. In 2005 he was appointed by Victorian Premier Steve Bracks as an original Ambassador for Think Victoria and Club Melbourne. He is the first Visiting Academic Fellow in Innovation Thinking at the Biosciences Research Division of the Department of Primary Industries at La Trobe University (2007). He is a Member of the Royal Society of Victoria.

Hewitt-Gleeson is a third generation Australian war veteran following his father and grandfather who both served in the 2nd AIF in World War II.

Based on his military training and service as a Vietnam vet, Dr Hewitt-Gleeson utilised this experience to design a “train-the-trainer” strategy for School of Thinking. He contends that, compared to business training, military science has evolved, over thousands of years, some very robust training strategies because of the pressure of a much stronger bottom line. In the 1980s he was the first to apply these strategies to accelerate the dissemination and teaching of thinking skills in the Learn-To-Think Project in North America. This “train-the-trainer” strategy has now become the biggest and fastest growing model in the world for teaching metacognition. When Edward de Bono first saw it he described Hewitt-Gleeson’s model as “brilliant“.

Hewitt-Gleeson is one of only 1800 Australian national servicemen who shared inthe Scheyville experience. He also served in the 1 ATF (1968-1969) during the Vietnam War. His military experience and awards include:

Officer Training Unit, Scheyville, NSW Australia (non-graduate 1968)
Jungle Training Centre, Canungra, Queensland, Australia, Graduate (1968)
• Language Instructor, Vietnamese Allied Cultural Association (Vung Tau 1968)
• Flying Officer, Royal Australian Air Force Reserve, (Melbourne 1969-1974)
The Veteran Corps of Artillery (VCA), State of New York (New York 1990)
Knight Hospitaller of St John of Jerusalem (1984)

Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975 (1995)
Vietnam Medal (Vung Tau 1968)
Australian Defence Medal (2006)
Anniversary of National Service Medal 1951-1972 (2001)
Vietnam Campaign Medal (Nui Dat 1969)

Dr Hewitt-Gleeson has been an international consultant on strategy and sought by organizations and corporations from the United Nations, and the White House to IBM, Fujitsu, BMW, Jack Welch of General Electric, AMP, Telstra, Vodaphone, Saatchi & Saatchi, Australian Institute of Sport and St Kilda Football Club. He has lectured widely in many nations including Canada, China, Bermuda, Indonesia, Tahiti, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, France, Israel, Japan, Italy, Greece, Malta, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia.

In SOT 1983 School of Thinking disseminated 476 million thinking lessons worldwide in a special project with Readers Digest. SOT’s famous text, The Learn-To-Think Coursebook and Instructors Manual, was featured in a special cover story on all international worldwide editions. “The SOT system has been adopted by corporate executives, taught in schools and studied by government officials,” wrote distinguished science-writer Moreton Hunt.

Hewitt-Gleeson’s work has been featured in Forbes, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Personal Success (cover story May ’91), Wall Street Journal, GQ (cover story), The Australian, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, The West Australian, BRW, Financial Review, Australian Anthill and many publications. He has been featured in numerous radio and television programs and internet blogs worldwide.

In 1991 he was elected a member of The Melbourne Savage Club.


Hewitt-Gleeson is a best-selling author of books and numerous articles on lateral thinking, selling and leadership.

Current List ...
• The X10 Memeplex: multiply your business by 10! (2000) ISBN 0724801111
WOMBAT SELLING: how to sell by word of mouth (2006) ISBN 1740664280
English Thinking: The Three Methods (2012) ISBN 9780987319401
The Story of the Edward de Bono School of Thinking 1979-1984 (2012), ISBN 9780978319403
BAD PHILOSOPHY: Aristotle's Boxes and How to Escape (2015), ISBN 9780978319405

Out of Print ...
• Learn-To-Think: Coursebook and Instructor’s Manual (Co-author Edward de Bono) (1982), ISBN 0884961990
• NewSell (1984), ISBN 0932648568
• Software For Your Brain (1989), ISBN 09473511088
• NewSell 2 (1990), ISBN 0947351221
• Software for the Brain 2: Handbook for Lateral Thinkers (1991), ISBN 0947351388
• THINK: An Action Program for Lateral Thinking (1993), ISBN 0947351515
• THINK AGAIN: A Brain Users Guide to Lateral Thinking (1993), ISBN 0947351515
• SELL: the lateral thinkers’ guide to selling and leadership (1993), ISBN 0947351639
• Clever: A Coursebook for Clever Thinking (1993) ISBN 0947351671

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  1. Hi Micheal, really wondering your words make me think a lot, and admiring words, great God bless you, Thanks…

  2. I’ve often thought that our creativity has been stifled so we could be put into a box. Let’s learn to break out.

  3. Hi Michael, I hope this finds you very well! I am wondering if you can send me a document for being accredited to teach your Lateral Thinking. I lost mine years ago in a flood. I am teaching now. I do hope we stay in touch.
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  4. Had the pleasure of listening to Mr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson speak live at a seminar – very impressed by his presentation.

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