Co-founders: Michael Hewitt-Gleeson and Edward de Bono

40 years ago, the School of Thinking (SOT) was founded in New York on 17 November, 1979, by Michael Hewitt-Gleeson and Edward de Bono. Since then, SOT has disseminated over half a billion thinking lessons to 51 countries.

Edward de Bono and Michael Hewitt-Gleeson in New York in 1980

SOT pedagogy is founded on Dr Hewitt-Gleeson’s idea of ‘thinking instructors‘.

In 1982 they co-authored the School of Thinking blueprint for training thinking instructors and published Learn-To-Think: Coursebook and Instructor’s Manual, ISBN 0884961990.

Today, after 40 years of teaching the world to think, there are more than 6.6 million thinking instructors in the world. Over 3 million in primary schools and over 3.5 million in secondary schools.

Many are still teaching the Six Thinking Hats method originally developed by the School of Thinking in 1983.

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