On January 24 1984 Apple Computer introduced the Macintosh. My friend, Peter Bensinger Jr, and I both went out and got one each on the day Macs were released in New York City.

I’ve been using Macs every day since then for 30 years. My Mac enabled me to put the School of Thinking online–the first ever online school. SOT is now 100% online and there have been many firsts since then including the world’s first MOOC.

However, it’s safe for me to say that if Steve Jobs hadn’t invented the Mac at that time, I would not have had the skills necessary to build the SOT as it is today. All thinking hats off to Steve Jobs! Here he is presenting his game-changing brainchild …

2013 has been a very happy, relaxing and satisfying year for SOT. We have taken the time to design a total school upgrade online.  New everything. We hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

To each and everyone of our engaging and inspiring SOT students we wish you and yours a very warm and friendly Holiday.

I suppose one day I’ll find and even better version of Sleigh Ride but until then here, once again, is my favourite thundering and virtuoso version of the classic with that one-of-a-kind Mozart of the King of Instruments, the peerless perfectionist, Mr Cameron Carpenter

Just imagine if our schools engaged students with performing skills and virtuosity instead of just cramming their heads with information and knowledge. However, if we want to do that we will need not only teachers who know but also masters who do!

virtuosity = (knowledge + practise) x10