XIO is a value-based Business Philosophy for top F500 companies. XIO means multiply your business by ten!

The XIO Business Philosophy is based on a creative society of three give-and-take relationships:

  • Customer and Employee

  • Supervisor and Leader

  • CEO and Shareholder.

In the XIO Business, all participants in each of the three collaborating relationships are encouraged to use XIO Thinking to create value and multiply their business by ten.

What exactly is their business?

Q What is the customer’s business?
A The business of the customer is to buy and tell.

Q What is the employee’s business?
A The business of the employee is to make decisions every day to save a dollar or to make a dollar working alone and in a local group.

Q What is the supervisor’s business?
A The business of the supervisor is to raise the quality and the quantity of decisions in the local group.

Q What is the leader’s business?
A The business of the leader is to provide problem-solving missions to local groups and to provide much better plans of execution.

Q What is the CEO’s business?
A The business of the CEO is to multiply the business by ten: by prioritising problems and opportunities for creating value; so allocating capital and leadership accountability.

Q What is the shareholder’s business?
A The business of the shareholder is to provide and grow capital through investment, return on investment and re-investment.

In general, all daily business decisions made in F500 companies can be judged as either Good XIO Business or Bad XIO Business.

The biggest untapped opportunity in business is STILL how to solve ‘the customer problem’.


The much better way to create customers is by Word Of Mouth (WOM). And, the much better way to create word of mouth is with satisfied customers who Buy And Tell (BAT) their friends. This is called WOMBAT Selling.  – Michael Hewitt-Gleeson.



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“WOMBAT Selling: How to sell by Word of Mouth”

Nothing has changed the business environment more than the WWW, in the last 20 years. Now, with the Apple platform and its glittering array of devices supporting Facebook, Twitter and Google the customer is not only right … the customer rules!

Today, WOMBATs are customers who, in their own right, are global publishers, broadcasters, niche marketers, content-providers and network producers and all well aware of the fact.

To help businesses create new customers Michael Hewitt-Gleeson has written WOMBAT Selling: How to sell by Word of Mouth.

– A WOMBAT is a satisfied customer who replicates another satisfied customer.
– W.O.M.B.A.T. = Word Of Mouth Buy And Tell.
– A WOMBAT is a customer who is so satisfied about your offer (or your business communication) that s/he passes it on to those in her/his business or social network.
– WOMBATs pass it on. Pass it on. Pass it on.
-  WOMBATs replicate. Replicate. Replicate.

WOMBAT solves ‘the customer problem’

WOMBAT is the killer app for selling. The WOMBAT strategy is based on the selling switchuncheck2check. Use the switch to multiply your customers by ten for an immediate surge in an individual’s sales results, or, for a much better return on enterprise marketing. The selling switchuncheck2checkwas researched and designed by Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson as part of his PhD, the first in the world on lateral thinking. His external examiner was the legendary American pollster and market scientist, Dr George Gallup Sr of The Gallup Poll.

You have created the first new strategy for selling in 50 years. You have presented a new approach to a very old subject with proof that your ideas do work. There are parallels with your ideas and how I think advertising works. Your thesis also has the quality of being very well written.  – George Gallup.

The NewSell Switchuncheck2check–is written up in Hewitt-Gleeson’s books on the theory and practise of selling. They are: NewSell; The XIO Memeplex: Multiply Your Busines By Ten! and WOMBAT Selling: How to sell by Word of Mouth.


Click here to request your own copy of the ebook

“WOMBAT Selling: How to sell by Word of Mouth”