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Here we teach lateral thinking … as a skill.


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The text: The Mastery of Lateral Thinking

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School of Thinking visits the teachers and staff of Vic Poly

Personal Benefits of cvs2bvs and x10 Thinking

Jack Welch of GE and Larry Page of Google are both business leaders who use and promote x10 Thinking. In Australia organisations like Melbourne Grammar School, UNSW, SEEK, Bendigo Bank, Cabrini Healthcare and Reece are doing the same.

Not only in business and careers there are many rewards and benefits for x10 Thinkers, but also you can make even faster and better decisions regarding your wealth, health, productivity and personal security. x10 Thinking skills will help you to:

  • » Be able to see more opportunities

  • » Be better at solving problems

  • » Enjoy making decisions

  • » Be more effective at planning

  • » Offer direct feedback to the CEO

  • » Find it easier to be innovative and creative

  • » Be able to take advantage of changes in circumstances

  • » Get more things done

  • » Think more efficiently and worry less

  • » Own a basis for a higher communication with others

  • » See information in new and more useful ways

  • » Get much better results

  • » Generate better and better alternatives

  • » Raise the level of every other thought-based skill you possess

  • » Apply these new skills to your personal and family life.

If it is a business, then the two most important leaders are:

1. the leader in charge of revenue generation, and

2. the leader in charge of shareholder returns.

The former is the Chief Sales Officer (CSO) and the latter is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Excellence in their skills at leading these two metrics is the quintessence of business survival and growth.


• Revenue Generation (x10 Selling)

At any given time a salesperson is either in contact with a customer (check) or not in contact with a customer (uncheck). At its basics, sales revenue comes directly from customer contacts. The leadership job of the CSO is to multiply the number of customer contacts by ten.

• Shareholder Return (x10 Thinking)

On any given day in any given business there are value fountains and value drains. That day the value fountains created value for the shareholders. The value drains depleted shareholder value on that day. The job of the CEO is to multiply the number of value fountains by ten.


• For more information about how your business can use

the (x10 Thinking + x10 Selling) Toolkit

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Sir Ninian Stephen AK GCMB GCVO KBE has died, aged 94. Government House said in a statement Sir Ninian, who was governor-general from 1982 to 1989, died in Melbourne.

School of Thinking pays respects to his memory as a friend of the school. When he was Governor-General, Sir Ninian kindly agreed to officiate at the launch the School of Thinking in Australia. Here, Sir Ninian was  presented with a Clever Brainusers Software Kit by Dr Hewitt-Gleeson at the SOT launch in Canberra in 1988.

“Our nation is a better place due to his service and he will be most warmly remembered,” the current Governor-General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, said.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull paid tribute to a man who brought “gentle dignity to the role”. The Prime Minister said,

A former Governor-General, Justice of the High Court of Australia, and Australian infantryman, Sir Ninian’s long and highly distinguished career was dedicated to the service of the Australian public. He represented the very best of Australia while encouraging the very best from all Australians. Australia will remember Sir Ninian for his humility, his intellect, and his lifelong commitment to justice and the rule of law.