Our Two Websites

• Click for all inquiries, media and contact by email

• Our corporate website is: x10thinking.com/
• Our campus is located at schoolofthinking.org/


The purpose of the corporate site is to explain our approach, our experience, our clients, our x10 book and a contact point for CEO inquiries.

It is not a general marketing site for shopping carts. There are no specific retail offers on this site. We reply to serious inquiries from CEOs seeking bespoke solutions.


SOT was the first school on the internet in 1995. It was not built as an online marketing site. It is a school campus.

The school at schoolofthinking.org/ is visited by invitation only. Principals and CEOs who subscribe to SOT can invite their students and staff to visit and opt-in for lessons at no cost to themselves. Like any campus, it is a place for curious visitors to wander around if they are interested.

SOT is a unique site for lessons and on-going engagement with students. It’s success is measured not by the quantity of visitors but by the quality of student conversations. It’s online campus design has so far accommodated over 65,000 student training conversations on lateral thinking which puts it in an elite category of sites across all the internet.

As a result, no other site can offer such deep experience and engagement with members for the development of their metacognition and value-creation skills.


• Click for all inquiries, media and contact by email


We respect the wisdom of the Elders and forebears of the Wurundjeri and Boonwurrung peoples of the Kulin Nation who are the original custodians of School of Thinking land. We recognise that for untold millennia this land has been the place of ceremonies of teaching and knowledge and that the Kulin people’s culture founded the history of this region.

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