Should Doctors Think? was the title of a lecture I presented a few years ago at Monash Medical Centre to the medical staff. The title was deliberately provocative and the auditorium was filled. Doctors and medical staff work hard, they make critical decisions under relentless pressure and they use the same brain that we use. It is just as difficult for a doctor to think outside the box as it is for a soldier, for a salesman or for a CEO.

In this clip Dr Jerome Groopman explores this question, too:


Speed of thought is how long it takes you to change your mind.

Speed of thought is how long it takes you to escape from your current viewpoint.

Speed of thought is how long it takes you to switch to a much better viewpoint.

The biggest roadbump to speed of thought is your fear of being wrong.

The most common cause of cognitive inertia is mistake-phobia, the morbid fear of making a mistake.

School of Thinking’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr Jenks Guo, has been recognised by the School of Thinking with an Honorary Doctorate. Because SOT is 100% online the role of CTO is crititcal for the teaching success of the school.

Dr Jenks Guo with his wife, Venus, both expecting their first child in a few weeks.

Jenks was honoured at a special ceremony and dinner at SOT on Friday 4th August with a citation which said “in recognition of his many strategic contributions to the School in design and technology and his continued project management and daily operational support for over eight years“.