SOT Fees: How do I enrol in SOT?

BRAINUSER SERVICES: Members are usually invited to enrol in SOT through their sponsoring academic, government or commercial enterprise.
SCHOOL FEES: Members' fees are usually paid by their sponsoring academic, government or commercial enterprise. This is all included in the annual SOT SaaS fee.
The SOT SaaS provides 24/7/365 access to the SOT experience which includes: 250 DFQs, the x10 Toolkit, Daily Lessons, TT Management, Weekly Lesson Management, DFQ Commentariat, Weekly Booster, Career Acceleration Program (CAP), Home, Profile, Reports, Books, Articles, Original Content, Unlimited Online Training, Webinars and Live Events, Automatic Data Capture, Intelligent Follow-up Reminders, Email notifications, Short Term Targets, Long Term Sustainability, Real-time Reporting, Aspirational Rewards, Interactive Communications, Peer-2-Peer support. 

Apply for information by email.


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We welcome you to the School of Thinking where we have been teaching metacognition–as a skill–for 37 years. Here we teach x10 thinking as a skill so you can multiply your life by ten.


 x10 thinking always lifts your spirits no matter how high they happen to be already.

NOTE: School of Thinking (SOT) is science-based so it is not for everyone. It is a bespoke, unique, curated mentoring experience for real thinkers and only for those individuals who are interested in becoming highly skilled thinkers.

If you are admitted as a School of Thinking member, your personal online tutor will be Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson who is the world’s first Doctor of Lateral Thinking in New York in 1980.

Michael is Principal and Co-founder of the School and is acknowledged worldwide as the father of x10 thinking. He is the author of the original text: The x10 Memeplex: Multiply Your Business By Ten! (Prentice Hall, 2000).


The School of Thinking campus is 100% online.

Members learn x10 Thinking skills in the first 90 days.

Members also learn x10 Selling skills in the first 90 days.

Your lessons are received by daily email.

Members learn Thinking Instructor training in the first 12 months.

Members receive x10 Thinking Instructors Certificate for their Linked-In profile.

School of Thinking requires no previous experience at all and the daily lessons and training can be understood by anyone. However SOT is science-based and not for everyone.

Thought-leaders can enroll in the online campus of the School of Thinking to upgrade their own strategic thinking skills.


10 minutes practise a day! As with sports, arts, and other areas of expertise skill comes from practise and repetition over time. Each lesson only takes about 10 minutes but it’s the DAILY practise that will build your skill. Expect to practise for at least 90 days. Of course, you can Opt-In or Opt-Out at anytime.

School of Thinking is 100% online!

Feedback From Members

Jack Welch of GE and Larry Page of Google are both business leaders who use and promote x10 Thinking. Here’s a quote from an article in the Australian Financial Review:

Google’s leaders often have to wrest employees away from seeking a 10 per cent improvement and towards finding one that is (that is, ten times better) something that requires them to do things in an entirely new way, not just optimise what already exists. Most 10X attempts will fail, but that is accepted.

In business and in other commercial enterprises there are many rewards and benefits for x10 Thinkers because when you become skilled at x10 Thinking you can make even faster and better decisions regarding your wealth, health, business and personal security.

Thought Leadership

It is well-established in cognitive science that humans default with a negative bias in their thinking. Therefore, the ability to alter one’s thinking and cognitive responses in order to produce better outcomes is one of the most important and distinctive traits of thought-leaders.

One could go so far as to say it is THE single most important moment-by-moment human trait. Why? Because, if your self-regulation is powerful enough, then regardless of your inclinations, past experiences, or deficits in life, you can always do the adaptive or better thing. Self-regulation can be your competitive advantage. For example, as a thought-leader, you can:

  • Be able to see more x10 opportunities like SOT other members
  • Learn WOMBAT Selling. x10 Selling. NewSell.
  • Be resilient and better at solving problems
  • Enjoy making much better decisions
  • Be more effective at planning ahead
  • Get much better measurable results in life
  • Be more interesting to other thinkers
  • Find it easier to be innovative and creative
  • Be a more disruptive thinker taking advantage of changes in circumstances
  • Get more things done with much less stress
  • Enjoy greater mindfulness and worry less
  • Own a basis for a higher communication with others
  • See information in new and more useful ways
  • Learn the skill of x10 Thinking
  • Generate better and better alternatives
  • Raise the level of every other thought-based skill you possess
  •       Apply these new skills to your career, personal and family life.
  •       Be able to teach and pass on these skills to others
  •       Be internationally recognised as a Master of Lateral Thinking.
100% ONLINE: Using email since 1995, SOT has migrated the attention of students towards portable screens; away from deskbound and classroom screens. The SOT campus is 100% online. The school is in the cloud. All SOT lessons are conducted by email. 24/7/365, email is simply the No1 global business communication platform. 

SOT EMAILS save time and money. Whether by smartphone while commuting or by PC at work, SOT email allows employees and managers to efficiently manage communications in ways that fit into their time and scheduling at the local level. SOT email lessons are easy to mailbox and can be stored safely, logically and reliably. It's a lot easier to organize emails than paper. Lessons can be accessed quickly and easily for study, thinking and review. 

SOT email allows students to work at their own speed, rather than under the pressure of a conference call or costly in-person meetings. It also means that a good record of the work is maintained for future reference. Used intelligently, email is the superior training, communication and productivity tool. Feedback from SOT shows students prefer email!

GLOBAL LICENCE: The global licence for operating SOT is held by WOMBAT Labs Pty Ltd. Melbourne, Australia.

WOMBAT LABS PTY LTD | ABN 37 614 034 196
(WOMBAT Labs is a subsidiary of School of Thinking)

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