SOT Fees: How do I enrol in SOT?


INDIVIDUAL SCHOOL FEES: The Streaming Subscription fees per individual brainuser are AUD$16.88 per month for 12 months (AUD$202.56).

Members’ fees are usually paid by their sponsoring academic, government or commercial enterprise. This is all included in the annual SOT SaaS fee.

The SOT SaaS provides 24/7/365 access to SOT streaming education which streams a range of skill levels from novices to masters: Ten Thinking Emojis, x10 Thinking, the x10 Toolkit, Daily Lessons, TT Management, Weekly Lesson Management, DFQ Commentariat, Weekly Booster, Career Acceleration Program (CAP), Reports, Books, Articles, Original Content, Unlimited Online Training, Webinars and Live Events, Automatic Data Capture, Intelligent Follow-up, Short Term Targets, Long Term Sustainability, Real-time Reporting, Aspirational Rewards, Interactive Communications, Peer-2-Peer support.

10 minutes practise a day!

As with sports, arts, and other areas of expertise skill comes from practise and repetition over time. Each lesson only takes about 10 minutes but it’s the DAILY practise that will build your skill. Expect to practise for at least 90 days. Of course, you can Opt-In or Opt-Out at anytime.

School of Thinking is 100% online!

SOT exists only on your screen and in your brain.

Feedback From Members

  1. Be able to see more x10 opportunities
  2. Be resilient and better at solving problems
  3. Enjoy making much better decisions
  4. Be more effective at planning ahead
  5. Get much better measurable results in life
  6. Be more interesting to other thinkers
  7. Find it easier to be innovative and creative
  8. Be a more disruptive thinker adapting to changes in circumstances
  9. Get more things done with much less stress
  10. Enjoy greater mindfulness and worry less
  11. Own a basis for a higher communication with others
  12. See information in new and more useful ways
  13. Learn the skill of x10 Thinking
  14. Generate better and better alternatives
  15. Raise the level of every other thought-based skill you possess
  16. Apply these new skills to your career, personal and family life.

100% ONLINE: Using email since 1995, SOT has migrated the attention of students towards portable screens; away from deskbound and classroom screens. School of Thinking has …

GLOBAL LICENCE: The global licence for operating SOT is held by WOMBAT Labs Pty Ltd. Melbourne, Australia.

WOMBAT LABS PTY LTD | ABN 37 614 034 196
(WOMBAT Labs is a subsidiary of School of Thinking)

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