• WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?  In the context of education the BIG learning problem is the universal PFC deficit in teenage student brains. The PFC (pre-frontal cortex) is the decision-making part of the brain and does not finish developing until the mid-twenties. Also, the neurotransmitter dopamine is particularly abundant during adolescence which makes their PFC susceptible to reward-driven behaviors. This means that (compared to the mature adult brain) the adolescent brain is at risk because of heightened reward sensitivity and diminished behavioral control.  More about the PFC Deficit problem and how it limits students here:

• WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?  School of Thinking (SOT) has a practical solution to the problem of universal PFC Deficit in teenage student brains. To help young brains survive and thrive SOT has developed, tested and disseminated the universal brain software (cvs2bvs) with its powerful algorithms that accelerate PFC development.  More on the SOT brain software and how it compensates students here:

• WHAT IS THE METHOD?  SOT streams daily lateral thinking lessons to students’ smartphones.   More here:

• WHAT IS THE FEEDBACK?  Feedback from students and teachers here:

• WHAT ARE THE TESTIMONIALS?  What thought-leaders say here:

• WHAT ABOUT THE MEDIA?  Media comments here:

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