6 thoughts on “10 skills you won’t need by 2022 — and 10 you will

  1. Interesting lists – both speak to the devaluation of soft skills / people skills. These lists also appear to be focused on preparing human resources to work within global corporations. I wonder if small and mid-sized companies can and will adopt new technologies and ways of working as quickly as the big corporations.

  2. Do not dwell on the Confort zone; it killed the railway business 100 years ago. Switch strategy. Adopt cvs2bvs thinking to stay on top or die …

  3. The Mind set can be changed, we need a new Data set. Michael H Gleeson gave me the master skill of skills by being able to eliminate my POV.

  4. The WEF work are a very profesional and this list is one we need to pay atention, a good and useful one.

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