8 thoughts on “What is the greatest problem on Earth?

  1. This is a very complex and difficult question. There are more than one “greatest problems” in the world. They are connected. First, I think the enormous disparity in the degree of development, education and wealth between various parts of the world is a great problem. Secondly, the population’s decreasing ability to think and view things in a rational way is a big problem, independently of the geography. Thirdly, the decreasing birth rate in the “developed world,” amplified by harmful doctrines verbalized by proponents of a distorted form of “liberalism” is a BIG problem. And so on…

  2. The AI is a propganda machine to programme your thinking, the illusion of all illusions. Your brain is your minds intelligence device not an AI conduit.

  3. The greatest problem at the moment is that profit-driven corporations control governments, universities, and most people’s employment. Collectively, we have changed the composition of the atmosphere and have likely triggered climate change that will make it difficult to sustain organized society as we know it. It’s mainly the corporations and their wholly-owned representatives in government that stand in the way of meaningful action that could mitigate the catastrophic effects of the serious climate change that is already under way.

  4. Fix the humans and you automatically solved 90% of the earth’s problems.
    With good people every system would work, capitalism or socialism, republic or monarchy.
    On the other hand, with recidivists even if God came on earth to create some a new system, there would
    be no chance for it to work!!! Such people will simply corrupt everything from the media to the schools to the sciences.

  5. Well, even before AI takes over, if you do not do your own thinking, politicians, corporate leaders and ‘well-intentioned’ family members will do it for you.

  6. I had an advertisement disallowed on Google as Selenium mentioned in the Brazilnuts being sold was triggering a filter that daid we were advertising methamphetamines.
    Finally I got it sorted by talking to someone there.

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