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I usually consult with ASX/F500 corporate and government clients but I’ve recently been asked to provide an opportunity to work with innovators, entrepreneurs and small business owners who are also interested in x10 strategy. So, this is it.

These two elite events will be in Melbourne on 4th and Geelong on 6th September. Because of the focus and intensity of the day there are limited places for each event.

Michael will help design a bespoke plan for each of the selected participants in the two events. The **consulting fee for each participant is AUD$885.00.


If you would like to be considered apply directly to Michael here and please answer the following two questions in your message:

• Who are your target customers?

• What is your target offer?

**On the day Michael will do three things with the five participants all included in the $885 consulting fee:

  1. Conduct an x10 Thinking Masterclass

  2. Conduct an x10 Selling Masterclass

  3. Design a bespoke Ten Day Plan for each individual participant to get started immediately following the event which he will personally monitor on a daily basis for the next ten days.


Visit the x10 website:

One thought on “SALES x10: September dates for Melbourne and Geelong

  1. How wonderful you are giving these Sales Events.
    The participants will be so fortunate and thus you
    are helping our whole world.

    Joy always!

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