In our brains--our own necktop personal computers--as many as 30,000 decisions are taken every day …


• There are no right or wrong answers in any absolute sense, there are only real consequences. 

• No-one can escape the coming consequences of their daily decisions. 

• PATTERNS of decision-making have very BIG consequences. These consequences are the shadow of the future. There is no escape. 

• Many are seriously ill-equipped with binary thinking.

• Binary thinking leads to a very high perecentage of errors.

• To reduce the error rate of binary thinking the much better option is trinary thinking.

• Trinary thinking works because: you can make better decisions and better patterns of decisions. 

In your cognitive toolkit metacognition is the most effective method for making better decisions. The basic skills can be learned in just ten hours of training. 

• Hope is not a strategy.

• Take time for metacognition - Ten Mindful Emojis.

11 thoughts on “How to reduce the error rate of your daily decision-making …

  1. I am so disinterested in binary thinking [good/bad] that I avoid thinking altogether. This is what I experience when I try & play chess. And ‘life imitates chess’ according to Garry Kasparov. If I searched for a BETTER move/solution I may be more engaged in chess/life decisions.

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