A young family close to me this year created a dear little baby girl, Stella. To commemorate her birth I had a star, 258 light years away, named after her.

Now, it’s holiday time and so many holidays are all about generals and battles and politicians and treaties and sporting events and even a horse race. But there is this unique holiday that commemorates a special star appearing along with a special baby.

The universe and life!


May I wish you a very relaxing holiday with plenty of time to yourself to think … about the universe and about life.


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FROM: Dr Petrina Gillespie, Head of Admissions SOT

School of Thinking is receiving applications for admissions to the next intake for the Master of Lateral Thinking degree in January 2018. This Masters Degree is conducted 100% online and is accessible by all familiar web browsers and vial all smartphones.

This elite and intimate educational experience is limited to a small selection of students worldwide. There are currently only 13 Master Students in the program. This is the number one program for the mastery of lateral thinking in the world. There is simply no better program available to anyone, anywhere.

For full information click to the Offer Document here.

Because this is a bespoke program under the personal tutorship of Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson the first step for admission is a one2one telephone interview with him.  The interview is for about 15-20 minutes and can be arranged by the Admissions Office in the next week or so.

If you would like to be considered for admission please submit your request for an interview by clicking the INTERVIEW INVITATION EMAIL image below and as soon as we receive your request we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for the interview.

Kind regards,

Dr Petrina Gillespie, Head of Admissions SOT

From the first intake of Master Students who started in July 2017

I’ve learnt new things. The practise and repetition exercises are already helping me update my brain software and I'm becoming a better thinker. I feel good that I'm deliberate in my thinking.

Exercises are mind expanding, getting you to look at the situation from a different perspective. Instructions and assignments are given in small bite size chunks which makes them more manageable.

You can’t read a book or do a one week course and all of a sudden become an effective thinker/leader. You need to work at it over time with daily practice. This program provides the tools and methods to grow yourself and sets you up to better train yourself and think more independently on any topic you like. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were your thinking and leadership habits!

I am constantly looking for new opportunities. I'm more active both physically and socially and more committed to my goals.

I like the daily practice skills, they trigger insights, and no right/wrong answers.

From the daily habit comes the progression and I like seeing the answers of other SOT students.

There are two paradoxical themes. One is to think broadly about what you want to achieve. Once you have decided, to be single minded about bringing it about.

Commitment is the one thing that I would say is important. The training methodology beckons and invites one to commit oneself to the program. Both the “pipeline” and the “PTO”. To commit oneself to a program irrespective of how or what the circumstances will be in the future speaks of an intentionality that is a critical leadership and mastery skill.


Lateral thinking gives you more.

More options. More hope. More choices. More solutions. More value. More ideas. More opportunities. More mindfulness. More wellness. More resilience. More futures.

The numerical synonym for lateral thinking is x10 thinking. Although x10 thinking it is not natural for humans it can be taught and learned.

Lateral thinking (x10 thinking) is our best tool for creating value, our best hope for solving wicked problems, our best defense against imagined fears, fear of mistakes, fear of failure in career, business or job-related situations, fear of family crises, relationship conflicts, social media, fear of political or global issues etc etc etc.


Intelligence is something we are born with. Lateral thinking is a skill that must be learned. – Professor Edward de Bono

There is nothing on Earth more powerful than lateral thinking. – Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson


Lateral thinking gives you more …










Lateral thinking will make you better …



Wealth: Better decisions = better bank balance

Your career, business, investment and commercial success is directly related to the quality of your decisions. Every day you make decisions that will either increase your wealth or decrease your wealth. Lateral thinking will make you better.



Health: Poorer choices = poorer health

Your physical, mental and emotional health cannot be separated from the pattern of choices you make. Every hour of every day you are designing your future. If your designs are weak your future cannot be strong. Lateral thinking will make you better.



Productivity: Faster strategies = faster results

The possibilities, options, strategies, tactics, pathways, networks and environments that are available for you to think about will either accelerate or inhibit your own personal productivity and results. Lateral thinking will make you better.



Security: Deeper thinking = deeper security

Your survival and growth, in a darwinian sense, cannot be separated from how you make your decisions over time. If you don’t do your own thinking others will do it for you. These other people, institutions or authorities may not do it well at all or even in your best interests. Lateral thinking will make you better.