Thought Experiment #7:

What if you were a patient and you had a choice of medical diagnoses–an RD or a BD–which one would you choose?

(When an RD is a ‘RIGHT diagnosis’ and a BD is a ‘BETTER diagnosis’.)


Have a think. Make your choice between RD or BD. Say why you made your choice.

22 thoughts on “You choose: RIGHT diagnosis or BETTER diagnosis?

  1. This reminds me of a story about a canvas that was an expanse of white space and one tiny black dot. Most, when asked to describe what they saw, focused on the dot (r’right’) and completely ignored the white space. ‘Better’ opens the way to view the whole picture and well calibrated thinking knows when its time to draw the line…

  2. Yes, this kind of thinking cannot be true in ‘hard logic’ or GRL (Greco-Roman Logic) or inside the box.
    But in fuzzy logic or in lateral thinking (x10 thinking) we can say what about x(x10)? We can search outside the box.

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