3 thoughts on ““Aging: Is it binary or a spectrum”

  1. True, but sad. This problem probably will not be resolved in the near future, because seniors are viewed as an expense, rather than as an asset. Much knowledge and experience goes lost because seniors are written off once they reach the retirement age.

  2. This TED talk is the best. Aging is not a disability…it is adaptability…not to be feared but enjoyed.
    Blessings for sharing this important talk.

  3. I am proud to be my age 71 going on 72
    I am proud to wear the gray hat of wisdom
    I am proud I can still work and bring value to businesses I advise and mentor
    I am proud to trade as a grayhairguru.com

    Some observations

    1. Every cell in every persons body regenerates every 7 years = so we are all 7
    2. Most days I do a brain training program called Lumosity and compare my self to my age group but I can also compare myself to any other age group – I can confidently walk into any meeting and know i can hold my own with anyone.
    3 Three sayings to live by “The only constant in life is change” ” The only certainty in life is uncertainty” + “Its only a problem until we find a solution” – if you can accept these not much will throw you off your stride

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