School of Thinking is receiving applications for admissions to the Master of Lateral Thinking degree in 2017. The next intake is in September. This elite program is limited to 100 students worldwide.

For full information click to the Offer Document here.

Because this is a bespoke program under the personal direction of Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson the first step for admission is a one2one telephone interview with him. 

The telephone interview is for about 20-30 minutes and can be arranged by the Admissions Office for next week.

If you would like to be considered for admission please submit your request for an interview as soon as possible by clicking here and we will contact you to arrange a convenient time.

Request for Interview

Kind regards,

Dr Petrina Gillespie, Head of Admissions SOT




Reviews on the smartphonebook, Bad Philosophy

Peter Dale, CEO of Volgren, Australia’s largest bus manufacturer.
‘I just had another read of your new book, BAD PHILOSOPHY, on my iPhone. It’s truly such a great concept. Easy to read, punchy and fresh! Congratulations.’
Sir Gus Nossal AC FRS, Chairman of the Gates Foundation’s Discovery Expert Group.
‘I like its simplicity and its directness. I like the facets of humour. I like the design which makes it so easy to read.’
Andrew Bassat, CEO and co-founder of SEEK.
‘I’ve gone through it on my phone as suggested. A lot of interesting thoughts.’
Professor David Penington AC, former Vice-Chancellor, University of Melbourne.
‘A commendably ‘sharp’ and pointed document. Easy to read.’
Maria Deveson-Crabbe, 2014 Telstra Business Woman - Community and Government.
'So exciting. if we could de-operationalise bad philosophy (in the same way we avoid viruses and addictions) we would abound with a lot of extra energy for fun and work-life balance.'
Professor German Spangenberg, Executive Director of AgriBio Victoria.
‘I loved it! I couldn’t stop opening the file and reading it to the end on my iPad!'


This smartphonebook has been purposefully designed to be read on your phone.

It’s free. Pass it on.

In the USA, x10 Thinking is being used and promulgated by senior management groups at General Electric, Google, IBM …


In Australia, x10 Thinking is currently being used by senior management groups at market-leaders like …

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